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Another quick look at the Gavin Floyd signing & other baseball news

Wil Myers is looking like he's going to be on the move again.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

More on Gavin Floyd

• Chris Antonetti says Floyd has a spot in the rotation. I thought it was a bit strange to guarantee this already, but who knows—maybe it's what drew Floyd to the Indians.

• The story can be read here. "I think it certainly increases the competition we'll have in Spring Training for the last spot in the rotation," Indians general manager Chris Antonetti said.

• Here's WFNY on the signing.

More on Baseball

• The Red Sox acquired Varvaro from the Braves for Aaron Kurcz.

• The Wil Myers to San Diego talks are gaining steam; this thing might actually happen.

• Joe Maddon opened a restaurant in… wait for it… Tampa. And it’s actually good, apparently.

• Brian Wilson was designated for assignment by the Dodgers.

• Fangraphs takes a look at a different kind of projections, to perhaps make sense of the White Sox.

• The Rays traded Matt Joyce to the Angels for Kevin Jepsen. Light return, IMO. 

• The Mariners acquired Justin Ruggiano for Matt Brazis.