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Indians sign Gavin Floyd to 1-year contract

There will be incentives.

Gavin Floyd, in Cleveland. #Pitchface
Gavin Floyd, in Cleveland. #Pitchface
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians announced the signing of right-handed pitcher Gavin Floyd to a 1-year contract for $4 million guaranteed, with with another $6 million possible through incentives.

As somebody who always liked Floyd when he was a Blanco Sock, I'm in favor of this move.

Like Brett Anderson, Floyd is an injury risk (he was limited to just 54.1 innings in 2014 as he finished recovering form Tommy John surgery that also cost him most of 2013), but this is only a fraction of the guaranteed cost of Anderson's deal (which has $10M guaranteed), and this move makes way more sense for the Indians than signing Anderson woud have. He's been pretty close to a league-average starter during his career, with an ERA+ of 101.

At the beginning of the offseason, I would have probably guessed about $2.5M guaranteed for Floyd, plus about $4-6M in incentives, so this is a little more than I expected, but not too much.