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Progressive Field renovations taking shape

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Construction crews have been busily working on renovations and additions at Progressive Field, with the goal being to have things finished by Opening Day. Restructured bullpens, an expanded Kids Clubhouse, and a new two-story bar are among the many changes in the works.

You can find artist renditions of many of the planned updates via this link to I like the more open look for right-center field, and I'm also happy there's going to be a statue of Larry Doby, one of the best players and most important figures in franchise history. Fewer seats but a fuller experience seems like a tradeoff worth making, especially because the stadium has rarely been sold out in recent years.

Via comes this time-lapse of the work in right-center field:

It's likely we'll get more videos like that as the offseason progresses, though once winter settles in some of the projects will have to be put on hold. (I would think the interior works can continue no matter the weather, otherwise it seems unlikely they'd be able to get everything finished by April.)

If you're interested in what's happening with the work right now, you can find out, because there's a live feed you can check whenever you'd like. Drive down Eagle Avenue and wave!