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Who Are Ohio's best baseball players ever?

The Cleveland front office is still hibernating, so we're still surfing B-Ref.

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The holiday weekend is over and there's still nothing to report from the shores of Erie. Cleveland's stove remains resolutely cold — there are so few rumors that we've been reduced to retroactively considering if a rumor would have been reasonable. To be clear, I write that as someone who found the Tomas and Donaldson write-ups excellent and engaging. Still, it'd be nice if something happened...right?

Cleveland News

Terry Pluto's Talking Tribe | — Pluto runs through some positives, negatives, and unknowns about our favored squad. It's a typical offseason piece, short on new information and long on rehashing. I could probably make this point clearer by identifying the most interesting sentence:

I will be speaking at the Burton Library on Tuesday at 7 p.m. The event is free. I love doing library talks, and it's fun to meet fans in that setting.

Go meet Terry!

MLB News

Who Should Sign David Robertson | Sports on Earth — SoE's Andrew Simon runs through 9 candidates, including two AL Central teams: the Tigers and the White Sox. A thorough piece of rosterbation.

Sunday Notes | Fangraphs — The Sunday rundown in Fangraphs has a number of interesting nuggets, including some interesting micro-interviews with young players. I particularly enjoyed Laurila's stab at an all-Cuban, all-star team:

1B: Rafael Palmeiro
2B: Tony Taylor
SS: Bert Campaneris
3B: Tony Perez
C: Joe Azcue
LF: Minnie Minoso
CF: Tony Gonzalez
RF: Tony Oliva
DH: Jose Canseco
RHP: Luis Tiant
LHP: Mike Cuellar
CL: Aroldis Chapman

Think an all-Ohio, all-star team could beat them?

1B: Tommy Henrich
2B: Miller Huggins
SS: Barry Larkin
3B: Mike Schmidt
C: Roger Bresnahan
LF: Frank Howard
CF: Big Ed Delahanty
RF: David Justice
DH: George Sisler
RHP: Cy Young
LHP: Slim Sallee
CL: Rollie Fingers

Did I unfairly exclude Chris Hoiles? Other complaints and suggestions? I'd love to read them below.

We'll end today by remembering how Big Ed Delahanty died, courtesy Wikipedia:

Delahanty died when he was swept over Niagara Falls in early July 1903. He was apparently kicked off a train by the train's conductor for being drunk and disorderly. The conductor said Delahanty was brandishing a straight razor and threatening passengers after he consumed five whiskies.[8] After being kicked off the train, Delahanty started his way across the International Bridge connecting Buffalo, NY with Fort Erie (near Niagara Falls) and fell or jumped off the bridge (some accounts say Ed was yelling about death that night).[9] Whether "Big Ed" died from his plunge over the Falls or drowned on the way to the Falls is uncertain.