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Help us choose the funniest Indians moment of 2014

Funny ha ha or funny strange?

David Maxwell

Over the next couple week Let's Go Tribe readers will be voting in a number of categories to determine some of the biggest moments and performances of the season for the Indians. Our winners will then have a chance at being nominated for league-wide SB Nation awards later this month.

Today we look at some of the funniest happenings of the season.

Kluber keeps his cool (because he's a robot)

During a late May game Corey Kluber was on the air to discuss what at the time seemed like the best stretch of his career (he was about to start an even better stretch, which would basically run through the rest of the year). His teammates (reportedly led by Justin Masterson) decided to have a little fun with him. Kluber was unfazed:

Revenge is a dish best served with rosin

Not long after the Kluber interview, Masterson was the one on camera discussing things. The Klubot would have its revenge:

Wait a second, are we the Village People?**

On June 9th a lot went right for the Indians, and they enjoyed themselves. In the clip below, one of two things was happening. Either "YMCA" was playing in the stadium and Lonnie Chisenhall and Jason Kipnis decided to show off their dance moves, or the two of them were remembering some of the ground balls that had gotten through the infield early in the season:

**I was at a wedding a few years back, for my college roommate, The DJ felt compelled to hand out costume accessories to the groom and his side of the wedding party. The groom was given an Indian headdress, I got a construction helmet and vest, etc. We were then lined up in a row on the dance floor. (I haven't the foggiest idea why this was done.) It was painfully obvious what was going on, but one friend, wearing a police officer's cap and standing next to a cowboy, apparently didn't catch on until the song began, which is when he asked the question above.

Scott Atchison is so old...

In late July a bunch of Scott Atchison's teammates took to Twitter and decided to have some fun with his relatively... not-so-youthful look:

You can find the entire sequence here.

Rally Mustaches

Late in the season a number of Indians decided to grow goofy mustaches, because when you're a professional athlete that sort of behavior isn't really frowned upon the way it might be for other walks of life (such as grade school teachers). That led to photos like this one, of a somewhat pensive T.J. House:


Alright, there are your nominees. You can vote for your favorite in the poll below.