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Help choose the nominees for Let's Go Tribe's 2014 awards

Great plays, amazing performances, funny moments... we want to find them all!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

We'll have a countdown of the staff pick for team MVP starting next week, and we'll also be covering the BBWAA awards (for which finalists will be announced Tuesday night), but we're also doing something that a number of SB Nation's baseball sites are doing, which is choosing team winners for a variety of different categories. Actually, we won't be choosing the winners, you will*.

*"We" are part of "you," because we don't just write the posts, we read them (sometimes), so we'll be helping to choose those winners too. That makes sense, right? Let's call it the royal "we," even though I think that technically has a different meaning. ...I told the bartender to cut me off after three drinks, so none of this is my fault. Blame Mike. (he's the bartender)

Starting Wednesday there will be a series of posts (3 this week, 3 next week), each for a different category. Each of those posts will have a poll, and because this isn't Soviet Russia, whichever options receives the most votes will be the winner. Before we (meaning you, but also us) can choose winners though, we need nominees. We've got some candidates in mind, but wanted to give you all some input too, because the more minds helping to think of things, the less likely it is that we'll overlook a really good contender.

So, drop down to the comments with anything that crosses your mind for the categories below. If it's something you can include (or link to) a picture, GIF, video, tweet, etc. for, all the better!

Funniest moment

The first result for the search I did on "types of funny" was a article which says there are ten different types. I don't need my wife to see me reading something on though, so I don't know what those ten types are. Any of them are okay for this though. They could be bloopers, clubhouse or dugout shenanigans, goofy interviews, goofy videos or pictures, a well done tweet by one of the players... whatever you can think of. Humor is subjective, and if you have a crummy sense of humor, we'll try to be so kind as not to tell you.

Most regrettable moment

I feel like there may be some overlap between these entries and those for the category above. One particular play pops to mind for me, about which an interesting philosophical debate might be held. In addition to on-field blunders, this category could also include personnel moves, tactical decisions, or the fat sweaty dude in the seat in front of you who refused to keep his shirt on one afternoon in August.

Defensive play of the year

The Indians turned a trip play this year, that should probably make the cut, but what else? Maybe the play I alluded to above... I mean, I think the idea behind this category is supposed to be good defensive plays, but I don't think there's anything in the rules forbidding us from including something bad... something you'd shake your head about if you saw a Little League player do it... not that the Indians had any plays like that. Nifty catches, wizardly double-plays, incredible throws... Let's see them all.

Most important hit of the year

Walk-off hits seem like good choices, but they certainly aren't the only choices. Michael Brantley's 200th hit was important if you dig round numbers, Jason Kipnis' 89th hit was important if you dig prime numbers whose digits also add up to a prime number. Carlos Santana's 100th walk was important if you dig hits that aren't actually hits.

Best pitching appearance of the year

I think the Tribe's top three pitching performances of the year were as good or better than any other team's best trio. I'm sure you guys will collectively be able to mention all three of them. Note that's it's pitching appearance, and that there's nothing saying that appearance had to be a start. You're out of your mind if you think any relief appearances the Indians had this season was as good as the best starts, but people who are out of their mind are still allowed to make suggestions, so have at it.

Team of the year

The obvious choice is the Giants, because they won the World Series, which is sort of the whole point. On the other hand, the fact that such a category exists in the face of such an obvious answer means maybe there's a better answer. (That better answer is not the Royals though, so be prepared to be shouted down if you suggest them.) We can't choose the Indians though, or even nominate them. I would love to see an impassioned FanPost making the case that the Tribe was in fact the team of the year though. Shout it from the rooftops too, if you like, just know they won't be a nominee here.

Alright, those are the categories. Let us know what you want to see when the nominees are announced in the days ahead.