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Masterson may be coming back... to the AL Central

What would be better - re-signing Masterson, or getting to face him several times in 2015?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

As you slowly come to from your turkey-induced overnight comas, and before you throw that turkey & egg sandwich into the microwave, why don't you take a breather and read some baseball news instead. Not much tends to happen in baseball around Thanksgiving, but here's a roundup of what going on:

Indians news & notes

AL Central rivals show interest in Masterson | - The Indians made some inquiries about LGFT Justin Masterson early in the offseason, and now it looks like all four other ALC teams have been asking around about Masty. Each of these teams is expected to have some rotation holes to plug, so here's hoping one of them plugs a hole with the Big Jamaican.

Hammy on Manny being Manny | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Check out this exclusive excerpt from Tom Hamilton and Terry Pluto's new book, wherein they say a ton of disparaging stuff about Manny Ramirez.

All-time Indians: Allie Reynolds | Burning River Baseball - BRB takes a look back at one of the less well-known members of the dominant 1940's Tribe rotations.

Success, then failure in the 2002 draft | Indians Baseball Insider - IBI continues their research into the running narrative that the Indians haven't drafted well in the 2000's. This time, they look into the 2002 draft, which saw the Tribe "hit" with just one good pick - Jeremy Guthrie. Whoops.

News from around MLB

Is Montreal the future for the Rays? | Fox Sports - It's no secret to the few Rays fans that actually go there, but Tropicana Field is one of the worst stadiums in MLB. As the Rays look for a new home, what are the chances they find one across the border?

Five underrated HOF candidates | Sports On Earth - Anthony Castrovince discusses why some of the HOF candidates hangers-on deserve their shot at the hall.

D'Backs land Tomas | Fangraphs - Despite being linked to several other teams, Cuban slugger Yasmany Tomas finally wound up in Arizona. How can he expect to fare out there in the desert?

Here's Babe Ruth holding a dead turkey | CBS Sports - Because there's not much else going on.