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Tom Hamilton talks 90's Tribe

Hammy reminisces, the Indians excel at identifying future talent, and the Red Sox looooove spending money.

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The Chase Headley rumor mill is abuzz, but we've got other baseball things to talk about. Like stuff that happened in the 90's. Let's take a look at what's going on:

Indians news & notes

Hammy talks all things Tribe | - sat down for a one-on-one website chat with 25-year Indians broadcast vet Tom Hamilton. Hammy talks mostly about his new book - co-written by Terry Pluto - and his memories of the powerhouse 90's Indians teams. Hammy is almost universally loved by Tribe fans, but I'm betting I'm not alone in thinking the 90's worship has his limits. As someone who was just coming into baseball cognizance during that era, I will always look back at those teams fondly. In all likelihood, the Indians will never match that level of sustained dominance. I believe many fans, though, have trouble understanding that and seeing past the 90's. It's one of the many factors, I think, that keeps people from supporting the recent iterations of the Indians. But I digress. What do you think?

Tribe considering Headley | - Anthony Castrovince provides his take on the rumors of the Indians' interest in Chase Headley. Don't forget to check out Jason's take here, ICYMI.

Cespedes a near-perfect fit for Tribe | Indians Baseball Insider - IBI thinks the Red Sox' latest big-ticket signings make Yoenis Cespedes even more available. As a solid defender and a righty with pop, Cespedes could provide some middle of the lineup flexibility for the Indians, and take pressure off of Carlos Santana to be the "power guy."

Indians have knack for predicting future talent | - Bastian discusses the emergence of Corey Kluber and Michael Brantley as examples of the Indians' ability to see into the future to identify key pieces. As we know all too well here, there is a pervasive desire to judge the immediate winners and losers of a trade. But these guys, among others, ar proof that it often takes a few years for a trade to pay off.

It's time to extend Kluber long-term | Burning River Baseball - BRB gives their pitch for a contract discussion many of us have clamored for. He may not ever duplicate his 2014 numbers, but he has a good chance of playing well enough to score major points in a potential 2016 arbitration hearing.

Ramirez a potential trade piece this winter | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Mike Brandyberry discusses the idea of trading rookie shortstop Jose Ramirez, possibly for a veteran pitching presence. Ramirez impressed, particularly on defense, in a short season. It would be unlike the Indians to trade young, cost-controlled talent for rentals, but I suppose nothing is outside the realm of possibility.

News about those other 29 teams

Red Sox prove competitive balance will never exist | - The Red Sox shocked approximately no one by signing both Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval earlier this week. Paul Hoynes argues that as long as the MLB lacks a salary cap, this kind of thing will keep happening, and it will continue to make it difficult for the have-nots.

Evaluating the Red Sox spending spree | Fangraphs - Sandoval and Ramirez are good hitters who appear to fit well at Fenway, but predicting their future performance isn't simple. Fangraphs tries to do it anyway.

Biggest free-agent splashes | Sports On Earth - Speaking of competitive imbalance, Cash Kruth takes a look at some of the biggest free-agent multiple signings in recent history.

Giants casting a wide net | CBS Sports - Now that Panda is gone, the Giants have a bunch of money burning a hole in their pockets. They've got their sights set on Cuban prospect Yasmany Tomas, Nelson Cruz, and even Max Scherzer.

Cubs have made "significant" offer to Lester | CSN Chicago - According to CSN's Dave Kaplan, the Cubs have offered Jon Lester "north of $135 million." PSA: the Cubs should absolutely be lumped in with the New York and LA teams in any discussion about most egregious spenders in baseball.