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Tribe prospects in the spotlight as AFL season ends and Rule 5 draft looms

Plus more offseason thoughts and new SB Nation end of year awards

Superstar in the making?
Superstar in the making?
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. And you gotta get some N&N in your life. Here's what's going on around MLB:

Indians news & notes

Hey Hoynsie! addresses renovations at The Prog | - Ignorant questions vaguely alluding to the DOLINZ R CHEAPE! mantra are addressed with relative aplomb by our favorite PD beat writer. Keep reading for some hilarity as Hoynsie attempts to explain WAR in this giant-sized mailbag.

Ranking the AFL top prospects | - Jim Callis ranks the best prospects in the Arizona Fall League. Our man Francisco Lindor comes in pretty high on the list. Can't wait to see if he can make an impact on the club this year.

Four thoughts on the Indians offseason | Waiting For Next Year - Jon Steiner at WFNY argues that this is the first offseason in a while that we have no gaping holes to fill. Given that, he offers four possible moves the Indians could make to improve the team.

Indians add to 40-man ahead of Rule 5 Draft | - Giovanni Urshela and Cody Anderson are a few of the big names the Indians wanted to protect from the Rule 5. More (and more in-depth) coverage from our very own APV here, in case you missed it.

Indians announce plans for third annual Tribe Fest | - Featuring 90's Tribe staples Dennis Martinez and Paul Assenmacher as well as a slew of current players, tickets for Tribe Fest go on sale Tuesday.

News from around MLB

SB Nation End of year awards

As noted by Jason in yesterday's N&N comments, SB Nation has posted their top five defensive plays of the year. Since then, they've added top five best hits and top five pitching performances. Unfortunately, the latter two categories don't include any Tribe moments (boo) but you should go vote anyway. Because democracy, or whatever.

Other tidbits

MLB transaction trees | Grantland - The path from Jerry Dybzinski to Corey Kluber is not only one of LGT's most fun topics of discussion, it's also the longest transaction tree in the MLB. Grantland compiles the longest transaction trees for each team and then ranks them in order along with explanatory graphics.

Ten FA signings that should happen | Sports On Earth - Our favorite former Tribe beat writer discusses ten free agents, the teams who should sign them, and then the teams who actually probably will sign them.

Line drive kings for 2014 | CBS Sports - Dr. Smooth alert. Michael Brantley was one of the best in the league at hitting line drives, but there were nine players better than him.

Stanton worthy of his fortune | Sports On Earth - A reporter asked Giancarlo Stanton if he was embarrassed to be making nearly $70,000 per day now. Will Leitch argues that no one would ask Marlin's owner Jeffrey Loria such a stupid question, so why should they ask Stanton?

The NL all-overpaid team | CBS Sports - Reflecting on Stanton's massive contract, CBS' Matt Snyder puts together a team of the most overpaid players at each position in the NL.

Who needs Hanley the most? | Sports On Earth - Hint: It's a team with a lot of money.

Jose Canseco not really selling severed finger on eBay | TMZ - Turns out the whole thing about his finger falling off at a poker tournament was a hoax.