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Does trading Nick Swisher for another bad contract make sense?

today's news and notes is going to be a little bit different

Hey bro, wouldn't it be sweet if we got traded for eachother one day?
Hey bro, wouldn't it be sweet if we got traded for eachother one day?
Jason Miller/Getty Images

In the past couple weeks, the idea had been floated in LGT comment section(s) that it might be a good idea to trade Nick Swisher for another team's terrible contract. Well, according to Ken Rosenthal, that may be exactly what happens.

Rosenthal specifically mentions Ryan Howard, BJ Upton and Ubaldo Jimenez as matches. I don't see what it would accomplish to trade Swisher for another struggling DH-type like Ryan Howard, but Ubaldo is interesting. It would reunite him with Mickey Callaway, and if the Orioles would pay $10-15M of Jimenez's contract, he would be more attractive than Swisher, in my opinion.

At MLB Daily Dish, Chris Cotillo hears that the Yankees might be a match. This part is exceptionally exciting:

He will likely draw interest from multiple teams looking to add outfield depth and a solid clubhouse presence, and the Yankees' familiarity with him from his four-year stint may ignite a reunion between the sides.

Another name Cotillo floats is Cubs pitcher Edwin Jackson. Jackson has less money remaining on his contract than Ubaldo. But don't get overly excited; Mr. Bastian calls the talks "due diligence".

Swisher has a no-trade clause, but to only one team: the Blue Jays. So sorry—no "Next Yan Gomes".

Other News around MLB

It appears Billy Butler is headed to Oakland on a 3-year deal. The Royals had a chance to match and did not. I'm no Billy Beane fan, but even so, it's not often that I'm on Dayton Moore's side over his.

• The White Sox desperation for relief help has now led to them giving $15M over three years to Zach Duke.

• The Astros are pursuing Brett Anderson, who would be a great KMTS if he can ever stay healthy.