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And the winner is... (Let's Go Tribe Award winners are announced)

These are the local competition winners, some of which will be off to Minneapolis to compete at the next level. Maybe all the other competitors will come down with a bad case of seafood-related food poisoning.

Harry How/Getty Images

Over the last couple weeks we presented nominees for a number of awards for the Indians, and asked readers to vote for their favorite. The voting has ended, and it's time to announce the winners. You can find the original post for each category (with all of the nominees) by clicking on each header.

Funniest Moment

Corey Kluber keeps his cool as teammates mess with him during interview:

The voting here was pretty close; Kluber won with a plurality, but not a majority of the vote, taking in 48% of the vote to defeat Scott Atchison getting made fun of on Twitter by his teammates, which had 38% of the vote.

Most Regrettable Moment

Hmmm... I wonder what it could be...

Oh yeah... that. The voting was unanimous in this category, and while that may have something to do with voting options, I'm comfortable saying it would have won in a landslide no matter how many nominees there were.

Best Defensive Play

It's not every season that a team pulls off a triple play. In fact, it's not even every decade. A 7-2-4 triple play hasn't ever happened for most teams (this was only the second in MLB history, as a matter of fact), so it's no surprise that this was the winner.

That play received 71% of the vote, while none of the other nominees were above 11%

Biggest Hit

If you were a baseball fan as a kid, chances are you imagined yourself coming to the plate with two outs and the game in extra innings, with your team trailing and the bases loaded, and you hitting a walk-off grand slam. Nick Swisher didn't just imagine it.

The voting was very close here. Swisher's grand slam received 29% of the vote, edging the double Lonnie Chisenhall hit in Kansas City to put the Tribe ahead in extras (25%). All six nominees received at least 8% of the vote.

Best Pitching Performance

Corey Kluber was the best pitcher in the American League this season, and he provided three of the five nominees in this category, but none of them could top the 1-hit shutout tossed by Josh Tomlin in Seattle on June 28th. Tomlin struck out 11 and was a single away from a perfect game.

Team of the Year

The San Francisco Giants were easy winners, as most LGT readers didn't feel the need to complicate the award by trying to justify giving it to any team except the one that won the World Series. They received 72% of the vote.


What's next?

Each of these winners has a chance at being selected for the MLB-wide SB nation Awards, where a handful of nominees in each category will be chosen from among the team winners. Those nominees should be announced in the next few days, and then you'll have the chance to vote.

Will the Indians be represented there? Well, with only 5 or 6 nominees (I think) per award, and 30 teams to choose from, math says that teams will average only one total nominee. I feel like the Indians deserve more than that, but fans from every team probably feel that way about their squad of choice.

Objectively, it's hard for me to say how funny the Kluber interview is. Context matters a lot with comedy, and if you're not a Tribe fan, I'm not sure there's context to get that clip over the top. On the other hand, Kluber did just win the CY Young, so maybe he's a national treasure now.

If there were five plays worse than that one by Raburn, I haven't seen them. That said, "Most Regrettable" doesn't have to mean a terrible play, so maybe some other types of regret will keep that play from advancing.

The triple play was wild and awesome, and I think I'd say that no matter which team it happened with. It should be a nominee.

Swisher's grand slam was super cool, but it only barely managed to win the voting here, which I think is a pretty good sign that it's not going to be nominated for the big award. I imagine that for many voters, that game was simply too ho-hum to make the moment really stand out.

I believe that Tomlin's 1-hitter was the very best pitching performance in the American League this year, so unless the final candidates are NL-only, Tomlin should be nominated.