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Debating the philosophy of the MVP award

Plus more on Klubot and Giancarlo Stanton's monster contract negotiations

The non-debatable MVP, with debatable Indians LVP
The non-debatable MVP, with debatable Indians LVP
Jeff Gross

Fresh off the excitement of shiny new Cy Young hardware as well as a 3rd place MVP finish, Friday N&N is here to bring you the best of the rest of the stuff going on around baseball.

Awards-related news

Kluber-related awards

What Kluber's Cy Young win tells us | Fangraphs - August Fagerstrom strikes a similar note to yesterday's article by SOE's AJ Cassavell, arguing that advanced stats drove Corey Kluber's Cy Young award. That may be the beginning of a new trend in Cy voting.

One stat motivated third-place votes for Kluber | Fox Sports - It's, surprisingly, not an idiot stat.

Kluber, deGrom bring pride to Stetson | - Kluber and NL Rookie of the Year winner Jacob deGrom are the first pair from the same school to win major awards in the same season since U$C's Barry Zito and Randy Johnson won the AL and NL Cy Young awards in 2002.

Hoping Kluber avoids Sabathia and Lee's fate | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - We all know what happened to our last two Cy Young winners, C.C. Sabathia and Cliff Lee, so Laurel Wilder is hoping Kluber can avoid the same fate. This seems like a misguided worry to me, given Kluber's drastically different contract situation.

Awards not related to Kluber

Kershaw, Trout named NL, AL MVPs | - Mike Trout winning the AL MVP was a no-brainer, but Clayton Kershaw claiming the NL MVP is sure to raise some eyebrows. Sure, he was the unanimous pick for NL Cy Young but, like, he's a pitcher. Shouldn't pitchers not win MVPs? Kershaw is the first to do both since Bob Gibson in 1968. I'm genuinely torn on the "should pitchers be eligible for the MVP?" debate, so I want to hear what people on here have to say about it.

MVP candidates' true value | Sports On Earth - AJ Cassavell writes about another hotly-debated issue in the MVP-sphere: what does the "value" in MVP really mean? Best player on the best team? Best player in the league overall? Cassavell lays out some of the basic arguments and ranks Kershaw, Trout and other candidates based on those criteria.

Explaining my NL MVP vote | Fangraphs - Dave Cameron touches on both topics of MVP controversy, explaining what the MVP means to him and why he voted for Clayton Kershaw.

Indians news & notes

Ubaldo is a bad idea | It's Pronounced 'Lajaway' - The Indians aren't usually out to make a big splash, so when Jon Heyman suggested the Indians would be a good fit for Ubaldo Jimenez, eyebrows were raised at IPL. Why on earth would we want to (over)pay for guy who has one good half season in the past four years?

Turning Jerry Dybzinski into Corey Kluber | It's Pronounced 'Lajaway' - Not as in-depth as the similar, excellent LGT series, but this one is illustrated with baseball cards!

Other MLB news

Marlins, Stanton discussing record-breaking deal | Fox Sports - Giancarlo Stanton is reportedly in talks with the Marlins for ten-year, $300 million contract. It would be the largest in sports history. Could he really turn that down?

Five blockbuster trades that make sense | Sports On Earth - Everybody loves a good blockbuster. Anthony Castrovince lists a handful here that would actually work out for everyone involved.

The curious case of Max Scherzer | - One of the biggest names on the free agent list this offseason, Scherzer is one of the best pitchers in baseball and stands to get a huge payday.