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The Indians bullpen set a franchise record for wins in 2014

Earlier this year I noted that the relievers were on pace to potentially set a franchise record for wins. Did they get there?

The Tribe relievers heading to the bullpen before a game
The Tribe relievers heading to the bullpen before a game
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As of July 2 (as noted in my post from July 4), Indians starting pitchers already had 30 no decisions, and the bullpen had already accumulated 20 wins. That meant the starters were on pace for 58 no decisions and the relievers were on pace for 39 wins.

Those paces didn't quite come to fruition: The starters ended up with 57 no decisions and the relievers finished with 35 wins.

A lot of that had to do with the stability of the rotation over the final two months. Klubot finished on a tear, only receiving 1 no decision in his final 11 starts, going 7-3. Cookie went 5-3 with 4 no decisions, T.J. House was 4-1 with 4 blanks, Danny Salazar was 3-4 with 3 no decisions, and Trevor Bauer was the opposite of Kluber, 1-2 with 8 no decisions. Overall the staff was 20-13 with 20 no decisions during that stretch run. Despite that strong finish for the rotation, the 57 no decisions for the starters are the third most in the last 25 years. (The 1993 squad had 66 and the 2004 squad had 64.)

The 35 wins for the bullpen are just behind the 36 prorated wins the 1995 team had. On an actual-count level though, this year's group set the franchise record for relief wins. The winning percentage of 61.4% is third overall behind the 1995 (70.6%) and 2013 (67.3%) teams.

In relationship to the rest of the AL, the Tribe bullpen was easily the best in wins, with the Angels finishing a distant second at 30 wins. The Tribe bullpen also finished second in blown saves, with 23 (behind the Astros), which helped to contribute to that win total.

As noted previously by Jason, Francona made more pitching changes than any manager in AL history. That led to the bullpen finishing last in the AL in average outs per relief appearance, at 2.7. That also led to the Tribe leading the league in high-leverage relief appearances, with196 (the Angels were a close second with 192).

In conclusion, remember this year's bullpen fondly because the likelihood that type of effectiveness is repeated in 2015 is fairly slim.