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Michael Brantley finishes 3rd in American League MVP voting

And with that, the last person complaining about the CC Sabathia trade was silenced...

Joe Robbins

Mike Trout is your 2014 American League MVP, a much deserved honor that was two years overdue. Trout actually wasn't quite as good this season as he was in 2012 or 2013, but that says more about how incredible he was in those two seasons than it does about how good he was this year. He was a unanimous winner.

Finishing in 3rd place was Michael Brantley, a turn of events I don't think anyone saw coming before the season began. Cy Young winner Corey Kluber finished in 11th place.

You can find the full voting results at the BBWAA website (which feels like it hasn't been updated since Mo Vaughn was stealing MVP Awards)

It's not worth getting too bent out of shape about down-ballot voting, but Brantley should have landed ahead of 2nd place finisher Victor Martinez. The two had fairly similar batting lines, but Brantley also stole 23 bases in 24 attempts, and played a solid left field (while Martinez is a slow/bad base runner, and a DH). Brantley was 2nd place on 8 of 30 ballots, and in the top 5 on 23 ballots. I can't really argue with anyone who had him in the top five. On the other hand...

Mark Whicker (Los Angeles), Roger Mooney (Tampa Bay), and Jeff Wilson (Texas) each left Brantley off their ballot entirely, revealing themselves to be baseball incompetents. Whicker's ballot takes the cake, as he listed closer Greg Holland 5th and aging mega-contract Albert Pujols 7th on his ballot. Yikes.

A Cy Young winner and the 3rd place finisher for the MVP. I'd call this a very successful awards week for the Indians.