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Video of Corey Kluber reacting to and discussing his AL Cy Young Award

Klubot! Klubot! Klubot!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Kluber was not really expected to win the AL Cy Young Award Wednesday night. Seattle's Felix Hernandez had a lower ERA and a higher name recognition factor, and so he was the one widely expecting to win the BBWAA vote. Instead, by a slim margin, Kluber takes home the hardware, making him the Tribe's fourth ever Cy Young winner, and their third in the last decade. had a camera at the Kluber home this evening, and caught up with the winner just moments after his name was announced. We're all incredibly biases because we're Indians fans, but how can you not love Corey Kluber?! Just as with pretty much everything else we've seen from him in 2014, I think his interview only adds to my appreciation for him.

And hey, he's under team control for another four years, so we've got that going for us... which is nice.

Sit back and enjoy the Klubot show: