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Corey Kluber is your American League Cy Young winner


Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Kluber is your 2014 American League Cy Young Award, beating out Seattle's Felix Hernandez in a close vote. Kluber received 17 1st-place votes, Hernandez received 13. Chicago's Chris Sale was a distant third, which is understandable, because while he had the best adjusted ERA (ERA) of any AL pitcher, he threw ~60 fewer innings than Kluber or Felix, and that's too wide a margin to overlook.

You can find the full results from the BBWAA here.

Last month I made the case for why Kluber deserved the AL Cy Young. Deserves sometimes have nothing to do with it though, and in that column I noted that I didn't expect Kluber to actually win. Happy to be wrong!

Here are some of the key stats:

Pitcher IP ERA ERA+ FIP K% BB%
Corey Kluber 235.2 2.44 150 2.35 28.3 5.4
Felix Hernandez 236.0 2.14 170 2.56 27.2 5.0

Kluber had the edge in each version of WAR as well, including a margin of more than a full win at FanGraphs.

Going into 2014, Kluber was viewed by most Tribe fans as maybe a decent #3 starter, and was viewed by most of the rest of the world as a guy they'd never heard of. To go in a matter of months from that to being crowned as the very best pitcher in the American League is an incredible accomplishment.

It was one hell of a season for Kluber, one of the best in franchise history, and he joins Gaylord Perry, CC Sabathia, and Cliff Lee as Cy Young winners for the Indians.

Let's party!!!