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Terry Francona finishes fifth in AL Manager of the Year Voting

Chris Antonetti is working on getting said manager some complementary pieces.

Terry Francona's love for Mike Aviles may have indirectly cost him some votes.
Terry Francona's love for Mike Aviles may have indirectly cost him some votes.

Award News and Notes

• Buck Showalter was chosen as the AL Manager of the year. Francona finished fifth, which I think is about right. Ned Yost bunted his way all the way up to third. LGFT Matt Williams won the NL award, squeaking past Clint Hurdle.

Here, Bastian takes another look at Kluber's Cy Young case. @Indians twitter schedule below:

Player Movement News and Notes

• Chris Antonetti is not looking for cornerstone players in free agency. He is, however, encouraged by the progress his previous one is making. #nick$$swisher

• Jordan Zimmerman might be about to be traded to the Cubs. I had no idea he was even available. Zimmerman signed a 2-year deal with the Nationals this January.

• Justin Masterson has had conversations with the Cubs. I imagine they went something like this.

• Asdrubal Cabrera and Stephen Drew are drawing Oakland's interest.

• The Orioles are trying to rid themselves of Ubaldo Jimenez.

• The Red Sox are "all in" on their quest to add Pablo Sandoval to their 2015 baseball team. My dream FA addition, Sandoval was never really a possibility for the Indians.

• The Royals do not want Ryan Howard, but do want pitching. Wise.

• Cuban power hitter Yasman Tomas continues to draw interest from MLB clubs. There continues to be no indication that Antonetti will ever pursue a Cuban ballplayer.

• Heyman was busy yesterday. This one focuses on Braves players that other teams are interested in.

SK Wyverns Accept Padres’ Bid For Kwang-Hyun Kim | MLBTR