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Optimizing the Indians lineup to improve defense for 2015

Plus more on qualifying offers and the future of the Chicago Cubs, team full of magical unicorns

The glove gives more than the bat takes
The glove gives more than the bat takes
Jason Miller

Early offseason Mondays can be tough. There's not much action on the weekends so unless you follow some other less important sport, there's not a lot there to distract you from the slog of the work week. I find that, though I'm a few thousand miles away from home, nothing gets my baseball blood pumping like talking with my folks about the upcoming season. Who's gonna be better? Why are they wasting so much money on Swisher? Why did you just call me an idiot for referencing batting average? You know, those kinds of conversations. How do you all keep your passion for baseball going during the offseason? Aside from reading LGT of course. And speaking of which, here's your daily news roundup:

Indians news & notes

Remembering CC's Cy young | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - In 2007, C.C. Sabathia led a magical Indians team and became the Tribe's first Cy Young winner since Gaylord Perry in 1975. Bob Toth over at DTTWLN recaps the magic, the best memories we have before Captain Cheeseburger became a fixture in Jackass pinstripes.

Optimizing the Indians' lineup | Burning River Baseball - Joseph over at BRB proposes some changes to the Tribe lineup, some common sense and some radical, in order to optimize 2014's league-worst defense.

Debating the Indians front office and leadership | Wahoo's On First - A frustrating discussion from an otherwise solid writer that unfortunately boils down to DOOLIN IZ CHAP!"

Tidbits from around MLB

New year, new deals for BOS and CHC | Sports On Earth - Anthony Castrovince with the first of many article concerning the "redemption" of those poor, downtrodden Red Sox and their NL counterparts, the Cubs. With new leadership and several trade chips, these 2014 last-place finishers are poised to rise up out of the gutter.

Why Cespedes' story could be big this winter | Fox Sports - More on Boston, Jon Paul Morosi discusses why Yoenis Cespedes' contract details make him one of the most unique players to watch this offseason.

Top five potential free agent bargains | CBS Sports - Dayn Perry digs deep into the FA bargain bin to find the best deals. Heads up, small-market teams.

Martin to decline QO from Pirates | CBS Sports - Popular Pittsburgh catcher Russell Martin looks to be on his way out the door. Martin declined the Pirates' qualifying offer and is believed to be attracting interest from the Cubs and the Dodgers. Maddon and Friedman making waves already?

Hamels fueling Phillies hot stove | CSN Philadelphia - The Phillies are desperately trying to restock their thin minor league system, so will be listening to any and all offers for their 31 year-old ace, Cole Hamels.

Dodgers shopping whole outfield | Twitter (Ken Rosenthal) - Everyone not from Cuba, apparently.