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Should the Indians sign Victor Martinez?

It's all about the money.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there was no baseball last night, which means we can't complain about teams we don't like winning playoff series. Well, I mean, we totally still can, it's just not as salient. So I guess we've gotta talk Tribe for a change. Sorry about that.

Indians news & notes

Why the Indians should and shouldn't sign V-Mart | - I don't think there's an LGTer that wouldn't love to have Victor Martinez back. The heart says yes, but the mind almost certainly says no. Is there anything that would make it worth it? Hoynsie explores, and almost entirely ignores the financial aspects of the situation.

Hey Hoynsie! Can the Tribe land Houston's Carter? | - Paul Hoynes opens up his always-entertaining mailbag. It's the typical CLECOM cast of characters, but Hoynsie actually manages to shut down a DOLINZ R CHEEP question. I mean, sorta.

Money makes the Indians' world go 'round | Did The Tribe Win Last NIght? - DTTWLN continues it's ongoing review of the 2014 season, this time looking ahead to the team's financial situation in the offseason. As always, money will be tight, and the way we spend it will be critical. Also, the sky is blue.

What can Shaponetti do to to improve the team | Whaoo's on First - WOF takes their own look at the Indians offseason, exploring the trade potential on the current roster.

Iconic Feller statue moved as Progressive Field renos start | - The Bob Feller statue has been temporarily moved, indicating the first sign of the Dolenz trashing our history in an attempt to squeeze more precious dollars out of the hard-working, die-hard Indians fans.

Swisher receives Feller Act of Valor award | - In other news of assaults on the late Bob Feller's character, Nick Swisher was named one of three recipients of the 2014 Bob Feller Act of Valor award.

Chance to become manager interests Alomar | - He's one of 11 candidates for Arizona's open management position, and he's been looking for the opportunity for years.

Tidbits from around the league