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Reaction to the Tigers and Angels being knocked out of the playoffs

Checking in on the misery of the Tigers and Angels, the wizardry of the Orioles and Royals, and the eventual fates of former Indians players and chairs.

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Victor Martinez, presumably thinking about getting away from his loser teammates.
Victor Martinez, presumably thinking about getting away from his loser teammates.
Leon Halip

I love a good series, but I love watching a hated team lose even more. So I'm glad the Tigers are dead. Really glad. Like, spring-in-my-step glad. Let's talk about that.

AL Postseason

What Went Wrong For The Tigers | FanGraphs Baseball — Starting things out with my old buddy Mike Petriello.

Tigers fall to Orioles in ALDS, could signal end to an era - MLB - — And the pain continues! Yes!

Is the Angels’ window for contending closing? | HardballTalk — I love this, too. I don't like the Angels. I don't like L.A., and I don't like teams that massively inflate the market for player salaries. The Angels are run stupidly, and they hurt the game in the process. Pujols and Hamilton combined to go 2-for-25 in this series. This too makes me happy.

Four things to watch for in ALCS matchup between Orioles, Royals - MLB - — Here's something else that makes me happy. I am genuinely glad for fans of the Royals and Orioles, who deserve a little joy in my view. This is not to say I'm rooting for them exactly. I am pleased, as a baseball fan, to see a pennant drive come down to the best two defensive teams in the league, possibly in all of baseball. That's cool.

Top 10 defenses: Royals, O's boast finest gloves | — Castrovince backs up that claim, explaining why the Royals and Orioles have the best defenses. Now here's the funny part: This article was written in February. It's about last season.

NL Postseason

Doug Fister’s Mid-Game Adjustment | FanGraphs Baseball — Hey, you know what? This is also something that went wrong for the Tigers! I remember when this trade got made thinking, is Dombrowski crazy? Or maybe this is one of those things that I just don't understand, because I'm not In The Industry. But no, I was right, Dombrowski was stupid. Nice.

NLDS: Cardinals take 2-1 playoff series lead with 3-1 win over Dodgers | — This happened last night too.

Don Mattingly has no idea how to deal with the eighth inning | HardballTalk — Matthew Pouliot fries the manager.

Madison Bumgarner’s big error not all his fault | HardballTalk — See what you think. I say it's still all his fault, especially since MLB Network was reporting that Posey says he was shouting for Bumgarner to throw to first.

Clayton Kershaw will start Game 4 on short rest | HardballTalk — Short rest, huh? Let the debate begin, I guess. (Ah, memories.)

Tribe Time

After an All-Star campaign in 2014, how can Michael Brantley get better? | — I'm going to save you a click and a couple of minutes: He can't. Granted, I've always underestimated Brantley and never thought he could do anything like what he did this year. I admit that. Doesn't change the fact that regression is a fact of life. I think Brantley has shown that he's legitimately an above-average player, but I will be surprised if he's anywhere near an MVP ballot a year from now.

Indians selling removed seats from Progressive Field as ballpark renovations begin | — A pair of old seats from the Prog costs $600. If they were smart, they'd offer seats from the Jake for $1,500.

Around the League

Adam Dunn retires as the king of the Three True Outcomes - MLB - — Jay Jaffe writes Dunn's entire farewell tour. Gonna miss this guy. Kind of sorry we never got to root for him.

Nightengale: Redemption, then glory for Cruz, Peralta — So these guys are stars (again). I don't know if this has been discussed here much, but are we supposed to think they aren't doping now? And why exactly would we think that?

Free Agent Profile: Justin Masterson – MLB Trade Rumors — Nobody does anything wrong here, but I do wonder why nobody is speculating on Masterson returning to the Indians. We need the depth, and the Indians a great team to mount your make-good campaign on a one-year deal. Obviously he likes his old bosses, or at least he did six months ago.

What's happened to Justin Masterson? - Beyond the Box Score — Just in case that last thought has you feeling nostalgia for Masterson, here's a breakdown of his breakdown from five weeks ago.

My awards voting, playoff notes and a look ahead for two star players - ESPN — Similar to Masterson, nobody seems to think Victor Martinez is coming home to Cleveland, even though ...

Victor Martinez still clings to first host family in Ohio — Awwwwww.