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Indians exercise team option on Mike Aviles for 2015

As expected...

Jason Miller

As has been expected since last week, today the Indians exercised their 2015 club option on Mike Aviles. The infielder/(sort of) outfielder will earn $3.5 million next season. The Tribe could have bought out his contract for $250,000, but have decided he's worth the coin.

I tend to feel like he's not worth the coin, because he batted .247/.273/.343 in 2014, which is pretty much in line with what he did in each of the two seasons before that. With a bat like that, I feel like a players needs to be a real plus with the glove, and that's not how I view Aviles. (I think he's a touch better than average on the infield, and shouldn't be used at all in the outfield.)

I'm also not surprised the option was picked up, despite his weak hitting, because players who are capable of playing so many different positions are valued by many MLB managers. He's also a veteran, and who knows, maybe he has a positive impact on the younger guys on the team.

Either way, the money isn't all that significant, it's the roster spot that might matter.