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Friday News & Notes: Indians look to close the gap in 2015

There's a lot to answer heading into 2015. What will the Indians do this offseason?

Best discount pitcher in 2014
Best discount pitcher in 2014
Jason Miller

Welcome to the new and improved News & Notes, now 100% appendix free. Unfortunately, it is also 100% baseball free. Stupid offseason. But I supposed there's a few things still going on that are worth mentioning. Here those be:

Indians news & notes

The Tribe's challenge in closing the gap in the AL Central | Indians Baseball Insider - Are the Indians really that far off from the other ALC contenders, the Tigers and the darling Royals? IBI examines that question by looking at various aspects of each tams' play in 2014.

Should the Indians extend Kluber? | Burning River Baseball - Corey Kluber only made $514,000 in 2014, and he'll be arbitration eligible heading into 2016. Kluber has lots of incentive to sign an extension, but what would be in it for the Tribe?

Klubot, Dr. Smooth nominated for multiple GIBBY awards | - The Greatest in Baseball Yearly awards, whatever those are, have nominated Michael Brantley and Corey Kluber for multiple awards thanks to their breakout 2014 performances. Brantley's got three nominations while Kluber has two. The awards are so prestigious, fans can vote for them as many times as they want here.

If the Indians shop Kipnis, what deals should they look for? | Indians Baseball Insider - I don't think the Indians would be too smart to sell low on Jason Kipnis after his awful 2014, but IBI breaks down some possible deals if they decide to ship Kip this offseason.

Kluber-led staff fuels hopes for 2015 | - There might be a bunch of holes on this Indians team heading into 2015, but the role of ace isn't one of them. Kluber leads a young staff that looks poised to break out. Let's just hope the defense can step it up. Bastian takes a look at the state of every position as we head into the offseason.

Traded to the playoffs | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - DTTWLN examines the outcomes of the three biggest LGFT that were traded in the 2014 season.

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