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Nick Swisher was major disappointment in 2014. Can he bounce back?

Be careful, tread lightly; this was not the season you were hoping for.

The long familiar walk of Nick Swisher back to the dugout
The long familiar walk of Nick Swisher back to the dugout
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Every day you'll find a look back at the 2014 season for one of the Indians or their key prospects, as we sort out what happened and what it means for the franchise going forward.

Nick Swisher

  • Position: Designated Hitter, First Base, Right Fielder?
  • Age: 33
  • Acquired: Free Agent signing, January 3, 2013

Flashback, October 2013 ... After a wretched June and a poor August, Nick Swisher had a fantastic September, hitting 263/353/515 line during the playoff drive. He hit seven homers and looked to have shaken off his shoulder problems. With a healthy Swisher for 2014, the Tribe lineup looked pretty deep.


April 2014. With Carlos Santana off to a slow start while acclimating to third base, Swisher's bat was needed. But a 21//287/330 line with 32 punchouts was not helpful.


May 2014: It got no better for Bro-man. An even worse 211/344/303 slash kept his slump going for a full 2 months. He did cut the strikeouts down to just 17 though.


June 2014: A DL stint to get his knees healthy, he played two games for the RubberDucks and had a promising 3-6 output with 2 RBI. But after being activated on June 12, his Tribe output was an unimaginable 160/292/213.


July 2014: The tides appeared to turn a respectable 257/286/406 slash appeared. But his strikeouts spiked again to 30 and he posted 16 RBI.


August 2014: The rebound would be short lived as he hit 160/192/160 in just seven games. He started in the outfield the last four games as Santana had found a home at first. Those four games and an instance where he limped around bases, thankfully ended his season on August 9.


His splits away from Progressive were a pathetic 175/245/260. And as a switch hitter, Swisher was supposed to assist against the many left handed pitching the Tribe would face. But he was gruesome against the lefties, 168/274/208. Oof.


Never known as a good fielder, the bad knees Swisher was battling all season might have contributed to him being the worst defender in the American League at first. He finished tied for third in the AL with nine errors. Jon Singleton had 11 in almost twice the chances while Eric Hosmer and James Loney had 10 each, in three times the chances. The only players with a fielding percentage worse than Swisher played in fewer than 15 games to his 52. Of his nine errors, six were on fielding chances and three were on catches. Two of them I distinctly remember were easy catches at the bag where he just closed the glove early.

2014 Grade: F (I wish it could be worse, if this was an exam, I'd give him maybe 12 of 100, for the 8 homers and 4 sacrifice flies).

Pick any other awful synonym you want and it applies to Bro's 2014 season.

2015 Outlook

When Swisher originally signed his contract, he was supposed to split time in right and at first. This year he was supposed to be a first baseman only as Murphy and Raburn platooned in right and Santana played third and DH'ed. Although both Chris Antonetti and Terry Francona hinted that Swisher would return to right on a limited basis next season, he really is stuck as a part time DH. Santana has first locked down and Gomes will DH many of the days he is not catching. I don't foresee his age/knees holding up in right unless it is a spot start here and there. Our new Jason Giambi has arrived, at the ripe old age of 34.

2013 32 CLE AL 145 634 549 74 135 27 2 22 63 1 0 77 138 .246 .341 .423 .763 115 232 11 4 0 4 3 *39D
2014 33 CLE AL 97 401 360 33 75 20 0 8 42 0 0 36 111 .208 .278 .331 .608 74 119 7 0 1 4 0 3D/97
CLE (2 yrs) 242 1035 909 107 210 47 2 30 105 1 0 113 249 .231 .316 .386 .702 99 351 18 4 1 8 3
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