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Early 2015 World Series odds put Indians in middle of the pack

It's never too early to think about profitting off the success of your favorite team!

Michael Heiman

The 2014 World Series ended only hours ago, but that doesn't mean we need to wait any longer to start thinking about next year's Fall Classic. Bovada, one of the bigger online gambling sites, has already posted its early odds, and so we can start thinking about which team (or teams, if you're into risk diversification) you want to bet the mortgage on in hopes of escaping the hideous succubus that is your existence. (or maybe you're just looking to pass the time, in the event that your existence is a little less hellish)

Listed as co-favorites are the Dodgers and Nationals, each at 15/2. That's pretty good action for a (co) favorite. The Tigers and Angels are favored among American League teams, each at 10/1. No real surprises with any of that, given that those were arguably the four best teams during the regular season, and the regular season is (less arguably) a better show of which teams are best.

And what of our beloved Indians? They're at 25/1. That's right, the $38,462 in equity you've built up over the last few years could be turned into a cool million, with which you could probably buy your own tropical island!

Among all MLB teams, those odds put the Indians at #15, squeaking into the league's top half. Among AL teams, they're at #9, putting them in the bottom half.

Here are all 30 teams:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 15/2
  • Washington Nationals 15/2
  • Detroit Tigers 10/1
  • Los Angeles Angels 10/1
  • San Francisco Giants 12/1
  • St. Louis Cardinals 12/1
  • Kansas City Royals 16/1
  • Seattle Mariners 18/1
  • Baltimore Orioles 20/1
  • Oakland Athletics 20/1
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 20/1
  • Atlanta Braves 22/1
  • Boston Red Sox 22/1
  • New York Yankees 22/1
  • Cleveland Indians 25/1
  • Cincinnati Reds 33/1
  • Tampa Bay Rays 33/1
  • Texas Rangers 33/1
  • Toronto Blue Jays 33/1
  • Chicago White Sox 40/1
  • Milwaukee Brewers 40/1
  • New York Mets 40/1
  • Chicago Cubs 50/1
  • Miami Marlins 50/1
  • San Diego Padres 66/1
  • Philadelphia Phillies 75/1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 100/1
  • Colorado Rockies 100/1
  • Houston Astros 100/1
  • Minnesota Twins 100/1

If not the Indians, which of those teams looks like a good bet to you?