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Talking about Jason Kipnis and the Indians on the Phil Naessens Show

Talking this, that, and the other thing...

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend I spoke with Phil Naessens who hosts a syndicated radio show that covers a wide range of sports and teams. We talked about Jason Kipnis' frustrating season, and what might be expected from him going forward. We also talked about what the Indians might try to do this offseason, a discussion that ranged from outlandish free agent possibilities to potential trades, to which prospects might be up next season.

You can find the audio at his website, along with other episodes on a variety of sports topics.

Phil also sent me an embeddable file, so that you can listen to things right here if you prefer. The opening segment is on the Cavs, and then my segment starts at about the 19:00 minute mark: