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Jose Canseco shot himself

He'll live.

Brian Bahr

There are two things worth knowing today. One is that tonight we'll get a World Series Game 7. I'll get back to that one in a minute. The other thing is that Jose Canseco shot himself yesterday.

Las Vegas Metro Police confirmed reports that there was an accidental shooting at Canseco's home at around 3:00 PM Tuesday afternoon. Canseco was apparently cleaning a .45 caliber handgun when it discharged, wounding him in the left hand. It's not entirely clear how serious his injuries are, though surgery and the possibility of a finger being amputated are both mentioned in this report.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that, and Jose is okay. In any event, the most boneheaded play of his career is no longer this:

So he's got that going for him...

Meanwhile, the Royals cruised to a 10-0 win in Game 6 Tuesday night. That continues the trend of pretty mediocre games in this Fall Classic. It means there will be a Game 7, which makes it feel like this has been a great series, but other than the excellence of Madison Bumgarner, the actual baseball has been pretty dull, with most of the games comfortably in hand for one team or the other before the game reached the late innings. Still, it means there will be a Game 7, which means there's the potential for a tremendous and memorable finish.

Only once in the previous 11 World Series has there been a Game 7, which was back in 2011 between the Cardinals and Rangers. St. Louis took a 3-run lead in the 5th inning of that one and Texas never again really threatened. In 2002 The Angels took a 3-run lead over the Giants in the 3rd inning. San Francisco did manage to get the tying tun to the plate in the 9th inning of that one, so there was a bit of drama. The last great World Series Game 7 was in 2001 though, when the Diamondbacks came back in the 9th inning against Mariano Rivera and beat the Yankees. We'll not talk about the last Game 7 before that one.

What will tonight bring? Well, if the rest of the series is any indication, the Royals will score about 14 runs, because no one but Bumgarner has done much to keep them at bay. That raises the question: Would Bruce Bochy dare use Bumgarner (on only two days of rest) for a couple innings???

Tonight, a baseball seasons ends, one way or another. You should watch.