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Friday News & Notes: World Series heats up, bringing Victor back, and Grady Sizemore news

Also! Expect to see more Posey, less Aoki, but probably the same amount of bunting.

I know Cleveland can't afford me, but I wouldn't mind checking out that new LeBron banner
I know Cleveland can't afford me, but I wouldn't mind checking out that new LeBron banner
Leon Halip

Happy Friday, LGTers. Are you ready for some World Series "baseball?" I sure am. Here's some stuff to read while you try to contain your excitement:

World Series news

World Series ratings are low, but so what? | Hardball Talk - Craig Calcaterra discusses why no baseball fan should give a [redacted] about low ratings for the Fall Classic.

Sixth sense for Royals and Giants | Sports On Earth - Almost every manager has his bullpen guys for the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings. It's a relaxing and reassuring plan, even if it's often a bad one. But what about the 6th inning? But the 6th has been pivotal in this post-season, and the way Ned Yost and Bruce Bochy manage their early inning relievers may play a big role in the outcome of the Series.

One enduring reason why the Royals are still playing | Fangraphs - It's not defense, it's not pitching, it's not even bunting. Durability is the name of the game for KC.

Giants need more out of Posey | CBS Sports - If the Giants want to win the Series, they're going to need more from tehir star catcher. Posey has 15 hits this post-season, but all of them are singles. Where's the power?

Aoki may be benched for Game 3 | Twitter (Andy McCullogh) - Ned Yost is considering starting the Jarrod Dyson, the better defensive player, in his place.

The 10 unlikeliest World Series heroes | Sports On Earth - Omar Infante broke Game 2 open with his clutch hitting. Yes, Omar Infante. And he's far from the least likely World Series hero. David Eckstein, anyone?

Joe Carter's walkoff happened 21 years ago | Hardball Talk - Doesn't get much better than this one.

Indians news & notes

Bringing Victor "home" | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - What would it take to bring Victor Martinez back? A lot of things. A lot of things the Indians probably won't or can't do, according to DDTWLN.

Tony Awards: minor league pitcher of the year | Indians Baseball Insider - Tony Lastoria runs down his list of organizational pitcher of the year candidates, including Mitch Brown, Shawn Morimondo, and Adam Plutko among others. Note that the winner is the pitcher with the best performance, regardless of prospect status.

Other MLB news

How international free agents killed offense | Burning River Baseball - BRB takes an in-depth, unorthodox look at the influx of international players and how that wave plus the lack of expansion has indirectly led to a decrease in offensive production.

Jays open negotiations with Cabrera | CBS Sports - The Blue Jays appear willing to offer Melky Cabrera a three-year contract but "insiders" think Melky could be looking for a five-year deal.

Phillies re-sign Sizemore | Twitter (Jim Salibury) - Everyone's favorite LGFT Grady Sizemore is back with Philadelphia on a one-year deal.

Awesome posters of famous baseball plays | CBS Sports - Striking graphics depicting a bunch of great plays and also Derek Jeter's flip.