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Talking about Corey Kluber and the Indians on the Phil Naessens Show

Corey Kluber's chances in the AL Cy Young race, what went wrong in 2014, what looks good about 2015, and more..

Jason Miller

Over the weekend I spoke with Phil Naessens who hosts a syndicated radio show that covers a wide range of sports and teams. Phil also writes about baseball (and is one hell of a tennis player), and he had me on to discuss the Tribe. We talked about Corey Kluber's incredible season and his chances of winning the AL Cy Young Award. I talked about what else went right in 2014 (not enough), and also about what went wrong (too much). We also discussed what needs to improve and 2015 and what might be plenty good enough as is.

You can find the audio here at his website, and find out more about the show. Phil also sent me an embeddable file, so that you can listen to things right here if you prefer. My segment is in the middle and lasts a little shy of 20 minutes. The third segment is a discussion with Justin Rowan from Fear the Sword, so just keep listening if you want to hear some late preseason thoughts on the Cavs, including the need for improved defense.