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Friday News & Notes: Giants advance to face Royals in World Series

The poor, downtrodden Giants advance to their first World Series in two years.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With zero apologies to my Giants fan friends from California, eff this noise. Not that the Cardinals would be any better, but ugh. I hate the National League for putting me in the awkward position of rooting for the Royals. Where do you all stand?

Yesterday's baseball

Giants among men: Giants 6, Cardinals 3 | - Travis Ishikawa sent the Giants to the World Series in dramatic fashion, crushing a walkoff, three-run homer to break a tie in the 9th. Madison Bumgarner, the Games 1 and 5 starter, was named NLCS MVP. This is San Francisco's third pennant in five years. I still hate them for the '54 Series.

World Series news

World Series broadcast schedule announced | - The Series kicks off Tuesday at Kaufman Stadium, allowing a national audience to experience at least two games' of the splendor of those outfield waterfalls.

How did anyone ever beat the Royals bullpen? | Fangraphs - They've seemed unstoppable this postseason, but they weren't infallible in the regular season. Fangraphs describes a few rare scenarios that allowed opponents to best KC relievers.

Giants role-players shine | Fangraphs - Gregor Blanco, Yusmeiro Petit, and Javier Lopez could have gone to any team, but the Giants decided to take a chance that has paid them back tenfold.

A love letter from Joe Posnanski to the Royals. Here's one reason to hate them just slightly less.

Paul Rudd invites Royals fans to a party at his house | - How many cutesy things like this happened when the Indians made the Series in '95? Approximately none.

Remembering the quake | Sports On Earth - Richard Justice recounts his experience on the 25th anniversary of the quake of 1989, which postponed the World Series, among other acts of destruction.

Indians news & notes

MLB free agent class of 2015 | - Hoynsie looks at the crop of left fielders as well as center fielders on the free agent market as they relate to holes in the Tribe's lineup.

Diminishing power not just an Indians issue | - The lack of power in the Indians' lineup is well-documented, but Jordan Bastian rightly points out that this isn't an Indians-specific issue.

Dispelling the "big bat" theory | It's Pronounced 'Lajaway' - IPL carries the argument further, calling into question the myth that a power bat is easy to find and also a cure-all for the Indians' problems.

Other MLB tidbits

Rays intend to keep Maddon | Tampa Bay Times - As soon as former Rays GM Andrew Friedman left for the Dodgers, speculation started that manager Joe Maddon would follow him. But Maddon claims he wants to stay in Tampa, and Tampa certainly wants to keep him.

Pirates plan to give Martin QO | CBS Sports - Russel Martin was offered a multi-year deal during the season which fell through, but it seems the $15.3 million qualifying offer might make sense for him.