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Royals sweep Orioles to advance to World Series

The Kansas City Royals' improbable drive to the World Series doesn't leave much room for news about anything else. Like them or loathe them, they have earned this day in the sun.

Ed Zurga

The Kansas City Royals' Magic Year of Unicorns and Rainbows continues. Next stop: The World Series.


Royals sweep Orioles to earn shot at crown | - The Royals complete the sweep, edging the Orioles 2-1 to earn a spot in the World Series.

Royals revel in club's return to World Series | - The Royals celebrate their return to the World Series after a nearly 30-year absence.

Wil Myers congratulates the Royals | HardballTalk - Classy gesture from Rays outfielder Wil Myers, who was once a premier Royals prospect ...

Jeremy Guthrie apologized for his harmless t-shirt. Again. | HardballTalk - And, as usual, Pedro Martinez gets to the nut of a controversy.

Royals Review, a Kansas City Royals community - SB Nation's Royals site. Play nice if you stop by.

All That Ned Yost Bunting Has Helped the Royals | FanGraphs Baseball - Really. It has, says Jeff Sullivan.

Despite criticism, Ned Yost deserves credit for Royals' run. | : Phil Rogers Article - The Royals reached the World Series with manager Ned Yost, not in spite of him. There's been no easier target in baseball over the last decade than Yost. But he never crumbled under the relentless criticism that could easily have broken him.


Meanwhile, the Giants are one win away from joining the Royals in the World Series:

Giants ride sixth-inning rally to 3-1 NLCS edge | - The Giants lead the series, 3-1, and can clinch their third trip to the World Series in five seasons by defeating the Cardinals in Thursday night's Game 5 at AT&T Park.

St. Louis Cardinals at San Francisco Giants - October 16, 2014 | Preview - It's Bumgarner versus Wainwright as each team''s ace goes tonight in Game 5.

Other Baseball News

With the baseball world focused on Kansas City, there's not much room for news about other teams. Here's the best of what I found that is Indians or LGFT-related:

MLB free agent class 2015: When it comes to DHs, it's Victor Martinez and everyone else | - Victor Martinez will be at the head of the 2015 free agent class of designated hitters if the Tigers don't find a way to keep him.

'The Sax Man' movie hits a high note with hometown audience - The Press-News | Stark County, Ohio - How many of us hard-luck Cleveland sports fans have had "the sax man" put a smile on our face as we were entering or leaving an Indians, Cavs or Browns game?

A sleeper who woke up: Zach Putnam, RHP, Chicago White Sox - Minor League Ball - John Sickels profiles former Tribe farmhand, who was traded to the Rockies for Kevin Slowey.

Schuerholz on report of Hart declining GM job: "Not accurate" | - "At best the article was not accurate with either the facts or the assumptions," Schuerholz said in an email to the AJC on Wednesday in response to a question about the report, which cited unnamed sources.