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Indians bullpen coach Kevin Cash a finalist to be Rangers manager

The Royals rip forward towards the World Series, the Cardinals and Giants play another classic, and the Cleveland team sat at home.

Everyone has something to cheer for in October!
Everyone has something to cheer for in October!

There were two more terrific playoff games yesterday. The Royals took a 3-0 series lead over the Orioles and the Giants went up 2-1 over the Cardinals. Perhaps this makes you happy, perhaps it makes you want to tear your hair out. I think we can all agree, these playoffs don't exactly evoke Mark Shapiro or one of the men who followed in his wake...

Around The League

A Letter From Andrew Friedman to DRaysBay | DRaysBay — Andrew Friedman has left the Tampa Bay Rays to become the GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers. On his way out the door he left a note for our SB Nation brethren -- extremely cool. Friedman had much success in Tampa but has apparently tired of trying to win while playing at a significant financial disadvantage. Unlike Billy Beane (and, to a lesser extent, Shapiro), Friedman has chosen to leave for greener (think richer) pastures.

Orioles Fall 2-1 to Royals | Camden Chat — Elsewhere in SB Nation (is this a real place in anyone else's mind? What happens there? Is it a monarchy, a republic, what?), Orioles fans are careening towards deep mourning. That's a shame, because the Orioles logo is terrific.

How is Yost doing this? | — In his podcast, Aaron Gleeman spent a lot of time boggling his own mind over how Ned Yost is terrorizing the citizens of Baltimore. I suspect his general disbelief reflects the conflicted feelings many LGT'ers may be having.

One win away | Royals Review — And, of course, the opposite is happening on RR. Incidentally, the Indians were there, not all that long ago -- seven years ago tomorrow. Talonk remembered it last year, and a true trip down memory lane should include Ryan's original recap. That takes us right up to Cleveland, so...

Indians News

Dollars and Sense | — Meisel talks payroll. A nice overview, though perhaps old hat to a lot of us. The upshot, as predicted, is Cleveland ought to have about $8-$12M to spend in the market. Meisel says that "won't get you what it used to", but but I think it's between 16 and 24 Jarrod Dysons so...what's the issue?

Rangers' manager finalists | — Kevin Cash, Indians bullpen coach, is one of the final three, although not the favorite. The favorite is Tim Bogar, who excelled as manager of the Akron Aeros in 2006 and 2007.

Tribe Fest will be January 24/25 | — Tribe Fest is when you get to ask Terry Francona for his autograph, if you've bought a ticket. The accompanying photo is of Terry Francona on a scooter in Arizona, which seems a tad unkind to the residents of NE Ohio.