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What to do with Lonnie Chisenhall and TJ House's Breakout Year

Sandy Alomar is a finalist for the Diamondbacks job, plus a look at what to do with Lonnie Chisenhall.

Bob Levey

Yesterday's Baseball

Royals' extra power & might edges Orioles | -  The Royals' Magic Year of Unicorns and Rainbows continues unabated.

Alex Gordon is the perfect hero for the Royals. | : Phil Rogers Article - Nobody embodies the Royals more than Alex Gordon, who showed in Game 1 of the ALCS why he is the team's franchise player.

Oddities abound in Royals’ Game 1 victory | HardballTalk - So much weirdness packed into 10 innings.

Today's Baseball

Kansas City Royals at Baltimore Orioles - October 11, 2014 | Preview - Preview of today's game.

San Francisco Giants at St. Louis Cardinals - October 11, 2014 | Preview - Preview of today's matchup


Do you define progress the same way as Cleveland Indians? Hey, Hoynsie! | - Hey Hoynsie! takes on the idea of the Indians making progress.

A sleeper who woke up: T.J. House, LHP, Cleveland Indians - Minor League Ball - The Cleveland Indians got a fine 2014 debut season from rookie starter T.J. House. John Sickels explains why.

It's Pronounced "Lajaway" " The Lonnie Chisenhall Debate - The Indians have to make a decision regarding Lonnie Chisenhall’s future this offseason, and it’s not going to be an easy call to make.

Around the Horn

Report: Arizona Diamondbacks narrow managerial search, to announce decision Monday - The D-backs have narrowed their list to four and are expected to announce their final decision Monday, according to USA Today's Bob Nightengale. Sandy Alomar is among the finalists.

Why did the O’s sign J.J. Hardy now? Because the shortstop market is a hot mess | HardballTalk - Many, many teams would've lined up to sign Hardy if the Orioles didn't lock him up.

Players are concerned their routines will be messed up as a result of pace of play changes. Well, tough. | HardballTalk
I'm sorry you guys feel like you're being blamed for the slow place of play. But given that the slow pace of play is your fault,  Craig Calcaterra has little sympathy.

How Bill Veeck Invented the Baltimore Orioles | Landon Jones - When the Baltimore Orioles begin playing for the American League Championship series tonight, on the line will be not only their reputation but that of one of the most colorful franchises in baseball history: the St. Louis Browns.

Year that launched new era in baseball - San Antonio Express-News - The premise of Bill Madden’s "1954" is spelled out clearly in the introduction: "1954 was the launching pad for a new era, when the dominant players in baseball were to be blacks and Hispanics."

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy Oy Oy!

We've been having HVAC problems over the last few weeks. The company the home warranty company sent out to take care of our problem is called Air Supply. Really.  This has earwormed me with "All Out Of Love" and taken me back to high school to think melancholy thoughts of the young  woman I took to my senior prom. I thought of numerous ways to incorporate this into the pop culture list but settled on a list of my favorite Australian musicians (a list which will not actually include Air Supply).

  • 10 - Kasey Chambers - country singer/songwriiter with a voice that sounds like it's right out of Appalachia instead of the Outback
  • 9 - The Waifs - three-member folk/pop group
  • 8 - INXS - RIP, Michael Hutchence
  • 7 - Little River Band - I am of an age where Little River Band was omnipresent on the radio
  • 6 - AC/DC - although hard rock is not really my thing, I am of an age where if you wanted to get everyone out on the dance floor at the high school dance, you played AC/DC. "She was a fast machine..."
  • 5 - Men at Work - Everybody- "I come from a land down under..."
  • 4 - Jeff Lang - Plays steel guitar like he's being paid by the note. Saw him at a festival and he was amazing.
  • 3 - Tommy Emmanuel - One of the world's best acoustic guitar players.
  • 2 - Midnight Oil - More than"Beds are Burning" , their catalog is filled with brilliant rock and roll
  • 1 - Paul Kelly - occasionally referred to as the "Bruce Springsteen of Australia," he writes brilliant, challenging songs about everyday life with an Australian point of view.