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January 8 News and Notes: Abreu Interest Overstated?

... if you're a believer in Hoynsie's reporting ...

Bobby Abreu in 2010, 27 teams ago.
Bobby Abreu in 2010, 27 teams ago.
Stephen Dunn
  • Maybe the Indians aren't all that interested in Bobby Abreu after all...
  • Ramon Hernandez will be in Kansas City's camp on a MiLB contract.
  • Something to ponder:
  • The Dodgers will have Don Mattingly on their payroll through the 2016 season.
  • LGT (hey, that's us!) takes a look at how Michael Bourn's stolen base decline compares historically.
  • The Padres flashed back to 2005 and took a flier on Xavier Nady.
  • It was very cold at Target Field on Monday.