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Voting results for rec'd comments at Let's Go Tribe

The balloting was far closer than Nate Silver projected.

The voting was closer than many expected and debate between the opposing sides was contentious from the word go. It is unclear if some readers will remain on speaking terms with certain others or not, given the nature of the rhetoric. Pundits are calling this the most divisive issue at Let's Go Tribe since the Pam/Karen fiasco.

There were also some 11th-hour shenanigans at a number of polling places, but the results have been counted, recounted, and certified. With a plurality of the vote (if you don't know what a plurality is, consult your nearest social studies teacher), blue is the winner.

Of course, no one ever said LGT was a democracy, and I never said the poll results were binding, so I'm going to ignore your ballots entirely and go with my own preference, which is to have rec'd comments turn the color of Boba Fett's Mandalorian armor.

...I have just been informed by the powers that be that such a color scheme is not possible. I guess that means I'll go with the will of the people after all.

I will contact the appropriate people and let them know that we'd like rec'd comments to turn blue, with a red thumbs up icon in the corner. I will also let them know that we don't want it to look like Royals blue, or Dodgers blue, etc. Navy blue is awfully dark though, and I'm not sure if white font for rec'd comments is possible (or even preferable), so I don't know for sure what the end result will look like. I'll ask if there's some sort of "faded" navy option, that has the right feel to it, while still being light enough to make text legible.

The change will not go into effect immediately, but it shouldn't take too long. At some point one of you will chuckle at a fellow commenter's wit, or nod your head at their brilliant insight, and suddenly you'll become the first person to see the new color scheme in action, at which point I'm sure a riot will break out in the comments. There may be some tweaking after the initial change is made, I'm not sure.

While I put the poll up so that the community could decide what to do, the voting was incredibly close and there wasn't anything close to a consensus. Point being, I reserve the right to change things back to green, and/or to put a second poll up a few months from now and see where the community stands on things once they've had some time to see the new color scheme in practice for a while.

For now though, we'll give blue and red a spin. It's a brave new world!