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Let's Go Tribe crowdsourcing: What color should rec'd comments turn?

For years, popular comments at LGT have turned green, but it doesn't have to be that way...

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UPDATE: Voting closed, results to be revealed Friday morning

Most of you know that Let's Go Tribe is a part of SB Nation, which is a part of Vox Media.* That larger family we're a part of is what allows us to have such an awesome commenting system, the best anywhere on the internet. Part of that awesome system involves readers being able to recommend comments they like, leading popular comments to 'go green,' so that we all know who's providing the keenest insights and telling the wittiest jokes.

*Vox Media is in the news this week for hiring political-blogging star Ezra Klein away from the Washington Post. For yucks, Ezra and I will switch roles for one week in July. Keep an eye out for his take on Carlos Santana's value to the team when not playing catcher, and definitely don't miss my coverage of the ongoing healthcare reform debate.

For the first time, individual sites in the family have the option of choosing a different color for rec'd comments, which means SB Nation sites can now coordinate their comments with team colors, if they like. I can send them whatever color I/we want, and, Sb Nation's fantastic design team will find a shade of that color that goes well with the rest of the pages and ensures that comments remain easy to read.

Some sites have already made a switch, so you can click and see what rec'd comments look like if they go blue, or purple, or a different shade of blue. If you check those out, you may notice that the little thumb icon can now be a different color too.

Red and blue seem like the most logical options, if a change is made. We could incorporate both of those colors by going with blue comments and a red thumb icon. Comments could also turn a color that has nothing to do with the Indians. Maybe hundreds of you have been dying for orange comments, or pink ones... We could make that happen.

Or, we could stick with green, because if it was good enough for our fathers and for their fathers, then it's good enough for us, darn it! Soylent Green has become a fun end-of-the-week tradition during the season, and if it's to continue, a color change for the comments would require finding another Charlton Heston movie to crib the name from (Ruby Gentry... Gray Lady Down... The Orange-mega Man... Touch of Pink... Three Violet People... Blue-Hur...).

Vote in the survey and then take to the comments.