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Indians News & Links 1/27/14: Tribe Fest Continues

More news from the Indians annual fan fest, but little else going on around the rest of the league

Michael Bourn looks to get back on track after a mediocre 2013
Michael Bourn looks to get back on track after a mediocre 2013
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Anyone here attend Tribe Fest? Lots of news from that event, and it would be great to hear about it from an LGT "local." In the meantime, here's some Monday baseball news:

Indians news

Bourn optimistic about Tribe's chances in AL Central | (Paul Hoynes) - Michael Bourn says he's back at 100% after his offseason hamstring surgery, and he thinks the Prince Fielder trade leaves the door wide open for the Indians to take the AL Central. Let's hope he lives up to the hype in 2014.

Is Vizquel the next Tribe Hall of Famer? | (Zack Meisel) - Omar Vizquel says he never thought of himself as a Hall of Famer... but he wouldn't mind if people took notice of his numbers and defensive wizardry. Fun fact: apparently, Omar's wife burst into tears when he was traded to Cleveland in 1993. Hey, at least she didn't start punching herself in the face.

Francona, Callaway optimistic about Indians pitching in 2014 | (Terry Pluto) - Pluto has some good notes and observations from Tribe Fest, including lots about the pitching staff. Callaway thinks Justin Masterson "can win a Cy Young," and he's more optimistic about the rotation than he was last year heading into the season. I can't say I share his feelings on either front, but after what this dude did with Ubaldo Jimenez, I'm willing to take his word for it.

Salazar looks to start in the playoffs again | (Joey Morona) - Danny Salazar says he tired out quickly in the Wildcard Game because of too much adrenaline, but he's confident the Tribe will repeat and he'll be better when the situation arises.

Tribe's 2013 offense was underrated | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? (Ronnie Tellalian) - Despite the popular notion of the Indians having a weak offense in 2013, they were 6th in the MLB in terms on WPA. Take that as you will, but DTTWLN's Tellalian argues that the Indians offense was actually a strength last season.

Clint Frazier tells more! | Indians Baseball Insider (Tony Lastoria) - Part 2 of Lastoria's one-on-one with the young Tribe prospect explores his approach to adjsuting to pro pitching and what he's getting up to in the offseason.

Jason Kipnis stares down a baby | CBS Sports (Dayn Perry) - Exactly what the title says.

Around the league

Justin Verlander might miss beginning of 2014 | CBS Sports (Matt Snyder) - Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski says the Tigers' ace may miss a few starts due to his core muscle surgery. Missing a few starts from Verlander probably won't kill the Tigers, but any lingering effects from the surgery could be bad news.

Mauer looking to "reinvent" himself at 1B | Fox Sports (Tyler Mason) - Joe Mauer is hoping for a successful transition after a scary concussion this past season. The Twins are just hoping they get some value out of that absurd contract.

LGFT Shelley Duncan signs with Diamondback | (CBS Sports (Dayn Perry)- Along with other MLB notes for the day.

Fielder less fat, likely 2014 MVP according to Beltre | NBC Sports (Craig Calcaterra) - Is this the first "best shape of his life" report of 2014? Is it the least believable one ever?