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Cleveland Indians Sunday News and Notes: January 26, 2014

In this week's extravaganza: TribeFest, TribeFest, and....TribeFest

Terry Francona, taking in a Cavs game last week.
Terry Francona, taking in a Cavs game last week.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians used to travel around to the various cities in Northern Ohio in January, but recently they decided to hold their winter tour at Progressive Field, and based on the response, I think it was a great move. Despite the awful weather, there was a good turnout yesterday, and there should be more today.

Indians News

Cleveland Indians Tribe Fest 2014 (videos and slide show) |

An overview of what was going on yesterday:

More videos from

In addition to the current players there to meet the fans and sign autographs, there were several former players, including Jim Thome and Charles Nagy (Omar Vizquel will be there today.)

Jim Thome humbled to be getting a statue at Progressive Field | News

The Indians have set August 2nd as the date that the Jim Thome statue will be revealed, so mark that down on your calendars.

Indians manager Terry Francona on optimism for 2014, what it was like managing Manny Ramirez and more (video) |

A long interview with Terry Francona at TribeFest.

One player that wasn't able to attend TribeFest was John Axford, who couldn't get to Cleveland because of the weather. But to make up for it, he answered some questions on Twitter. Some highlights: