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Indians News & Links 1/24/14: Prospects on Lists and Caps Without Logos

Three Tribe prospect make MLB's top 100, Kip's power may regress, and Greg Maddux blanks out the HOF.

Trevor knows what logo is on HIS cap
Trevor knows what logo is on HIS cap
David Banks

One more day of work, folks. Here's a little baseball news to get your weekend started:

Indians news

Lindor, Frazier, Bauer among's top 100 prospect | (Jordan Bastian) - Lindor just makes the top 10, with Clint Frazier slotting in at #48 and Trevor Bauer at #73. We may have beat the Lindor discussion to death, but it is refreshing to see a consensus top 10 prospect in the Tribe's system.

Kipnis unlikely to duplicate homerun numbers in 2014 | Indians Baseball Insider (John Grimm) - Grimm discusses Jason Kipnis' change in approach to become more of a line drive hitter in 2013. He cautions that many of his homers were "lucky," and Tribe fans would be wise to not expect a repeat performance in terms of power.

Tribe minor leaguer plays all nine positions in one game, publishes book | Did The Tribe Win Last Night (Laurel Wilder)- This is a neat profile piece about Justin Toole, a Tribe minor league journeyman who once played all nine defensive positions in one game. He has since written a book about the experience and, as this article details, does a lot of work with youth baseball.

Around the league

Tigers may extend Scherzer before spring training | Twitter (Jason Beck) - Beck tweets that Max Scherzer, who will be a free agent after next season, is optimistic that an extension can happen.

Yankees going after Stephen Drew | CBS Sports (DJ Short) - After the Tanaka signing, the Yankees give even fewer craps about spending more money.

Baseball Prospectus 2014: new and improved | Sports on Earth (Will Leitch) - Leith interviews the B-Pro editors about what makes this year's annual different and exciting.

HOF cap logos announced; Maddux to don blank cap | CBS Sports (Matt Snyder) - Seems like a really odd thing to me, but maybe it's because he'll always been burned into my mind as a Brave due to the '95 Series. Maddux himself seems to have influenced the decision, though, so it's hard to argue with the man. Fangraphs has their own creative solution to the blank cap situation.

LGFT Laffey signs with Orioles | Twitter (Anthony Castrovince) - As mentioned elsewhere on LGT, for Tribe pitcher Aaron Laffey signs a minor league deal with Baltimore. This is one of those rare no risk/no reward deals.

Dodger Stadium transformed for hockey game | CBS Sports (Brian Stubits) - I just thought the was cool. Also, it's weird to think that Dodger Stadium is now the third oldest MLB stadium in current use.