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Let's Go Tribe's top Fan Posts of 2013

A look back at the some of the best work of the year written by LGT readers

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Most of you already know that anyone with a registered LGT account can write a Fan Post, and many of you have done so at some point over the years. I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of my favorite Fan Posts from 2013. There were too many good ones to include every one I liked, but I know you guys will point out some of the other good ones in the comments.

Many of these were promoted to the front page of the site, and that's something I'll continue to do in 2014. I love that so many of our readers are passionate enough to take the time to do this kind of work.

January 10: Corey Kluber...Major League Starter? (by hans)

A year ago, Corey Kluber was not on my radar as a possible starter for 2013, but hans thought Kluber might contribute to the rotation in a meaningful way, and hans was right. Kluber now looks like the second or third-best pitcher on the team.

January 29: Asdrubal's Defense (by Matt Y.)

A detailed look at Asdrubal Cabrera's defense, as rated by a number of different defensive metrics in 2010, 2011, and 2012. I hoped Cabrera would be traded at the time of the deal, in part because to my eyes his defense wasn't very good.

February 9: Praying for the Tribe (by mainstreet fan)

An Indians fan in Kathmandu, Nepal visits a holy temple and puts in a few good words for the Tribe. There was also a follow up Fan Post on the morning of the day the Indians clinched the playoffs.

April 18: Mark Shapiro's Drafts: An "Objective" Analysis (by no1ever)

A look at ten year's worth of draft results for the Indians and ten other smaller market clubs, in an attempt to figure out how Shapiro's drafts really stack up (as a change of pace from the usual, "They suck!" "No they don't!" conversation).

May 9: A Brief History of Upheld Protests (by ferociouswalrus)

This was written after the Indians won a game when the umpires blew the call (and replay) on what should have been a home run for Oakland. It covers the 14 times in baseball history when a protest was actually upheld, including the famous "Pine Tar Game" involving George Brett. None of the games happened more recently than 1986.

June 17: Progressive Field reaches 1,000 regular season HBPs (by plunkeveryone)

A look back at a variety of hit-by-pitch tidbits on the occasion of the stadium's 1,000th one of them. This might win the prize for FanPost that feels the most like something I'd have written myself, given that it's just the sort of statistical 'benchmark' oddity I'm oddly drawn to.

September 29: The Russian Poet Prepares for the Postseason (by YoDaddyWags)

It's not easy choosing just one YDW FanPost (though it would be far more difficult to choose just one comment), but I'm going with this one, a poem written on the occasion of the Indians clinching a playoff spot for the first time in six years.

December 2: Minor League BABIP and Yan Gomes (by USSChoo)

A study on the the change in players' BABIP ("batting average on balls in play," for anyone not familiar with the term) when they go from the minor leagues to MLB, done as a part of LGT's effort to figure out what kind of production the Tribe might get from Yan Gomes in 2014.

Which of these (or of those not mentioned here) is your favorite???