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Let's Go Tribe's preseason prediction contest final standings (pitchers)

You can't say this was a particularly predictable bunch.

If you correctly predicted that Slider would hug LGFT, noted Yankee-killer, Jaret Wright, you win a lifetime supply of Pepsodent!
If you correctly predicted that Slider would hug LGFT, noted Yankee-killer, Jaret Wright, you win a lifetime supply of Pepsodent!
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

No half-baked metaphors this time, just right to the action. (Except, for a refresher on the rules first.)


Every player is worth 90 total points with each category being worth 15 points. The top 5 closest predictions are awarded points, 1st - 5 points, 2nd - 4 points, 3rd - 3 points, 4th - 2 points, 5th - 1 point. Ties share points. For instance if two entries are tied for first, they each get 4.5 point, splitting up the total points from 1st and 2nd place. This, to a small degree, makes a tougher prediction more valuable. Say predicting Michael Brantley's SLG more difficult than Ryan Raburn's SBs.


Our point-getters whittled down from 28 at mid-season to 25, and the race got a whole lot closer, but the leader remains the same. Scoring 42.91 points (compared to 52.50 at the half-way point), keenej takes the pitching cake!


Player Breakdown

Justin Masterson


The top 3 performers are: tgriffith1992 - 16.5, ethorn - 13.5 and keenej - 12.5

While his stats are cut short because he was traded, it doesn't really do anything to change the results. Spoiler, they're dreadful. Bug hey, we nailed the K/9!

Danny Salazar


The top 3 performers are: tgriffith1992 - 10.36, keenej - 9.41, playdoh - 7.95

tgriffith1992, our winner in the hitters category was making hay! (He could've gotten the t-shirt in two different colors, or one for his girlfriend!) Sadly for him, these would be the last points he scored in the pitching group. Danny rebounded to help himself and the prognosticators out in the second half. I find it interesting how accurately his K/9 and BB/9 were predicted without anything else going as planned.

Corey Kluber


The top 3 performers are: Alex Trebek - 23.5, playdoh - 16.33 and rolub - 9.25

At the mid point, Kluber was on pace to hit some of our predicted numbers. But then, he reprogrammed and with a fresh OS and some new RAM, he blew it out of the water. Not only did LGT as a whole underpredict every category for Klubot, every single person individually did as well. Even the most optimistic, Alex Trebek and playdoh, weren't even sniffing the numbers Kluber posted. That, ladies and gents, is just how good of a season it was. I know it's a tight race with two candidates who deserve it, but I'll be quite sad if Kluber doesn't win the Cy Young.

Zach McAllister


The top 3 performers are: keenej - 19, kgall3 - 12, rolub - 10

And this is where keenej pulled ahead and didn't look back. Being demoted and then brought back in the pen obviously hurt Zach's line here, but his bullpen stint was able to improve his rate stats, though they weren't that far off from predicted before the bullpen revival. I really bet the farm on Zach here and I lost big time.

John Axford


The top 3 performers are: bschwartz - 15, rolub - 14, AmbienTribe - 11

Yeah, I predicted John Axford would save 47 games. I'm not going to hide from it. But look at that strike out rate! Ooh, shiney! Among pitchers in MLB with over 30 innings pitched, nobody walked batters and a higher rate than John Axford. He was tied with Rex Brothers, who apparently pitches for Colorado. It may seem weird, but Axford is one of the biggest disappointments for me this season. He seemed like a fun guy with an entertaining online presence. And that mustache! Oh, that mustache.


Riding the pessimism of Zach McAllister to victory, we have keenej! Congratulations you are now the proud new owner of an LGT t-shirt, pending credit approval and background check. Please email Jason for all the gritty details. The lawyers make us do that.