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Join Tribe fans around the country to watch Wednesday's game

A place for LGT readers to organize meet-ups to watch the Indians in Wednesday night's Wild Card game

Jeff J Mitchell

Hopefully a good number of Let's Go Tribe readers will be in attendance for Wednesday night's Wild Card Game at Progressive Field. Sadly, we cannot all be there. Some of us waited too long to get tickets, some of us aren't in a financial position to afford tickets at the moment, and some of us just live too dang far away.

If you're not going to be at the game, but would like to join other Indians fans Wednesday evening, feel free to use the comments of this post to suggest meeting places. A local watering hole probably makes the most sense, but if anyone wants to offer up their home, I'm not going to stop you.

I have no idea if any of you will actually do this or not, but now you've got a place for it, just in case.

Before suggesting a place, give some consideration to how accessible it is (either via public transportation or with ample parking available), whether or not you can be sure the game will be on most of the TVs there that night (perhaps call ahead), and what the beer list looks like (a bar with Great Lakes available seems preferable).

Also, in a rare exception to LGT policy, subject headings will be allowed in this thread, but only for the first post for a given city. I've posted a couple examples to get things started. When you head into the comments, use the ctrl + F (command + F on Apples) function to see if your city is already listed. If it is, please post your comments as replies to that first one, so that it's easy to keep track of things for each city. If your town isn't listed, feel free to start a thread for it, putting the city's name in the subject box.

Make sense?