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Final Score: Indians 5, Twins 1. The Indians clinch a wild card berth with their 10th straight win on the final day of the season.


Hannah Foslien

A year ago, the Indians were a complete disaster, having just fired their manager and just days from finishing a dreadful 68-94. They had the worst pitching staff in the league.

Five minutes ago, the Indians won their 92nd game, and will be going to the playoffs. They finished the season 10-0, and if they had finished 9-1, they likely would be playing a tiebreaker game tomorrow.

What a team.

American League Wild Card Standings

Cleveland - x 92 70 .567 0 Won 10
Tampa Bay 91 71 .561 1 Won 1
Texas 90 71 .559 1.5 Won 6

(updated 9.29.2013 at 5:58 PM EDT)

Source: FanGraphs