Praying for the Tribe Again

On February 9 of this year I was at the Great Stupa of Boudhanath in Kathmandu. There, while being careful to comply with local norms, I prayed that the Indians be permitted to win the World Series this year. Later that day I wrote a post on LGT about what I had done.

Against the admittedly small possibility that there was a connection between my prayer and the Tribe’s performance this year, today I decided to pray for the team again.

I am now in France. This morning I visited the Temple of Augustus and Livia in Viennes. At the temple I also prayed to the Fates that the Tribe be permitted to win the World Series this year. I know that the Fates had a somewhat different function in Roman religious life than the function I asked them to fulfill, but I could think of no more appropriate deities to pray to.

So I asked the Fates for the following. Beginning with today’s game, I asked them to measure the length of the soft liners we hit and make them just long enough to fall in safely but that our opponents’ be too short or too long. I asked them to direct our opponents’ hard line drives right to our players and into their gloves but that ours find gaps. I asked that our grounders find holes but that our opponents’ grounders go straight to our infielders. And, finally, I asked that the Fates intercede with Zephyr, the west wind, the wind that sweeps eastward across the Flats and through Progressive Field and toward the right field stands. I asked that this wind be quiet when our opponents hit fly balls but that it pick up force when our players hit them and carry them over our opponents’ outstretched gloves and into the stands.

I began going to games in earnest in 1957 and have never seen the Tribe win the Series. Several friends of mine, who also hoped to see them win one, have passed away in the last year. For them time’s winged chariot finished its course too soon. I am in good health but know that things can change and that these opportunities do not present themselves very often. So I hope the deities will smile on us this year. One simply cannot know how many more chances there will be.

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