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Soylent Green is People: 9/27

This is the baseball.

It's Tribe Time now! *bum, bum-bum, bum-bum* Let's Go Tribe!
It's Tribe Time now! *bum, bum-bum, bum-bum* Let's Go Tribe!

That guy is a fucking genius

You guys usually click this feature looking for... well, I'll be honest, I'm not sure what brings you back here. Here's the thing though: when was the last time you saw something - were part of something - legitimately special? I'm not talking about making the playoffs; that's not done and dusted, and besides, 4 or 5 teams do that every year (though not the Yankees this year).

This team is not that kind of team.

Every time you thought you were out - even my tiny, angry brother, God bless him - they've pulled you back in. For every back-to-back gut punch given up by Perez, there has been an improbable Giambi bomb. Nothing is certain, even with three games left. Enjoy the ride, brace yourselves with hope, don't worry about getting your guts ripped out... again. We're Indians fans; a desperate wish is all we ever have. Here is your week in green.

That is a dead sexy ballpark when it’s packed. Goodness.

Still riding high after the roller coaster last night. Can’t wait to leave work and drive to Cleveland.

Cleveland Indians Baseball: Goonward to Victory

pull him now. we know how these things go. he ever gives up one.

Giambi has been our messiah before, he’s going to do it again

I love it. Do you think John is all in? I think so.

Giambi the Grey defeats the Balrog in an epic upset!!!!!!

We’re going to win the World Series

i am shaking. literally shaking. HOLY SHIT CAN I RELIVE THAT

You can put that on the board, yes!

Tell them to get up, because it’s Tribe time now.

What do you think she would have to do to get us a World Series title?

I’ll don’t care. I’ll invade Turk’s privacy and abase his girlfriend’s morality if it gets us the ring.

Sorry Turk.

I’m sitting in a hotel in Peru with a slow internet connection trying to watch the game streaming from my home DVR when the screen froze during the flashback to Giambi’s previous walkoff. Eventually I realize that it is not current action, and my brief euphoria fades to reality. Then he hits another one. It was like the emotional roller coaster everyone else experienced except compressed in to about a minute. Go Tribe!!!!!

I'll see your John in tears in North Dakota and raise you PA Tribefan euphoric in Peru.

The way Giambi brought Perez back into the family is triumphant. This is why he’s a big part of the Indians and will be a great manager some day. A class guy.

I was at the park for some pretty substantial moments in the 90’s, and those are my best memories as a sports fan. But I am absolutely positive that I’ve never had an experience at Carnegie & Ontario like I did tonight.

I don’t know whether this is a special club, but I do know that this is a special moment.

Just bought impulse tickets for tomorrow’s game. No matter what happens, I’m still going to be wearing tonight’s grin. Anyone else going to be there?

Apparently Giambi made Perez give him a hug. Nice to see, two different personalities, brought together by a love of illicit drugs and Indians baseball.

So many special feels.


This season is special. This team is special. Is there anything better than meaningful baseball with the leaves changing colors?

This season is the best thing ever!!!

I guess that answers that. LGT!