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Cleveland Indians Transactions: Indians sign Ryan Raburn to contract extension through 2015 (with option for 2016)

The Indians lock up one of their key bench players through at least 2015.

Ryab Raburn
Ryab Raburn
Jason Miller

The Indians have locked up Ryan Raburn through 2015, and it didn't take all that much to do so:

This season Raburn has been a 2-win player despite only appearing in 66 games. He's 32 this year, so the deal would keep him in Cleveland through his Age-34 season. The AAV of the contract, including the 2016 buyout is just $2.425M, which is very similar in dollar value to the deal the Indians signed Mike Aviles to last winter (2/$6.0M).

Based on this deal, I don't foresee Raburn's usage changing much at all in 2014 or 2015. He'll continued to be used as a part-time player, though where he'll play will depend on how the starters are doing. This year he's played mainly in right field, but perhaps he'll play third more in 2014 if the Indians upgrade right field. Or perhaps he'll DH more. Where he plays doesn't matter a whole lot, as his calling card has been his bat (with the glaring exception of last year with Detroit).

Extending Raburn wasn't a huge priority for the Indians, but since both parties were amenable towards getting something done now, that gives the club one less thing to worry about this winter.

Contract details:

2014: $2.25M

2015: $2.50M

2016: $3.0M Club Option OR $100,000 buyout