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MLB Recap: Detroit Tigers 4, Cleveland Indians 2. A recap of last night's gut-wrenching loss in comments.

As requested, I will not be doing a formal recap of this game. Instead, I'd like to do something a bit different to capture the emotions of last night's gut-wrenching loss.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

August 5, 2013

Tigers 4, Indians 2

There were over 1500 comments made last night between the two game threads and the post-game final score post. Here are some of them:


LGMFT!!!! Feels like a playoff game

by AmbienTribe8 on Aug 5, 2013 | 6:46 PM

This feeling in my stomach ...

Is it excitement or dread?

depends on what you ate

I’m pretty nervous, guys. This series is so unbelievably huge.

I know this series isn’t the end all be all of the season, but we have to take 3 of 4 right? I’m really nervous. I hate being a Cleveland fan so used to disappointment…

(takes deep breath)

I’m so nervous/excited right now.

My first game thread, so excited. Let’s do this.

I’m so excited! I’m so scared!

The Game Begins


Love to hear the crowd roar like that so early in the game

Kluber bringing that 95mph heat.

I’m listening on the radio, how big does the crowd look?

[Miguel] cabrera hurt?

or just strolling along. very odd

Well I guess we got our requisite error out of the way early.

Little late to the party, how’s everyone feeling tonight? I have a feeling I’m going to be consuming an inordinate amount of beers the next four nights.

Given how slow the Tigers are, and how they have power hitters, can we move this series to Miami?

I know Alex Avila has been hot recently, but there’s no reason Kluber should let this guy get on base.


He heard us saying he isn’t a good outfielder and has taken offense.

I’ve not been this nervous on every ball in play in a long time. I know there’s a lot of season left, but it’s nice to still care.

So turns out Julio Iglesias has no songs popular enough to make a clever joke about. Boo.

The Indians jump ahead 1-0

Brantley is locked in today

by barsham on Aug 5, 2013 | 7:41 PM

I’ve got great vibes about tonight.

Giambi the Grey is about to transform.


Grandpa Clutch!

Curse you Jackson!

Sometimes the other team will make good plays.

It sucks, but it happens.

Ohio has elk?

They have Elk and Elk.

Pay no mind to the man on the left’s amazing hair.

I keep checking the scoreboard to see how the Tigers are doing…hey they’re losing!

Hammy’d – (past tense verb) – Origins: English, Continuously Elevating in Volume – The sensation of having granted someone tremendous euphoria, followed shortly by confusion, disappointment and a check as to what actually occurred if without your own visual confirmation.

So…Kluber isn’t exactly on pace to go all 9. What is our bullpen order today (7, 8, 9)?

Probably Allen-Smith-Perez

We’re into Rosie time already? This game feels like it’s flying, but I guess it has been nearly an hour.


Question for you Clevelanders. Here’s the video from the Drew Carey intro from years past. Where are they dancing starting at the 2:10 mark?


Source: I was there Saturday

Man I’d feel so much more comfortable if Chisenhall’s fly ball had gone just a foot further

Indians go up 2-0

I know his numbers aren’t great, but I have a great deal of confidence in Michael Brantley


It’s totally rational to harbor hatred for Ramon Santiago, right? He seems to get on base a lot to set up the top of the order against the Tribe.

by mjschaefer on Aug 5, 2013 | 8:26 PM

You know, we’ve got a hellava pitching staff. Just a random thought, but it’s true.

aww, ryan just wanted to kill the medical discussion & katie witham bashing.


The Klub abides

A food sub-thread

I eat fast food very, very rarely, but just had some Taco Bell on my last day in Cleveland. What happens in Cleveland, stays in Cleveland when it comes to my diet.

My now-wife used to live within walking distance of Fat Head’s. I fell in love with that place and was there weekly, if not more.

Hipster. Try the Tick Tock for some ribs.

I know knew Lee Rd.

How long ago were you in elementary school, Chuck? Maybe things have changed since the Roaring ’20s.

I hope you’ve been to the Happy Dog.

Buckeye Beer Engine just can’t be beat.

You must try B-Spot next time you are in town. It is fantastic.

Down the stretch....

Be nice to get a little insurance

Yankees are slowly slinking out of the wildcard race…

Classic Manning:

This team has beaten you nine times. And you’ve only won three of those.

Damn, Kip. That was gorgeous.

Love this Kyrie Irving ‏@KyrieIrving 7m
#GoTribe thanks for reminding me Cleveland!! Beat Detroit

Nice to see a superstar for the Cavs who supports the Tribe

Good showing Kluber. Great showing.

This crowd is loud! Love it!

Tito has way more confidence in our pen than I do. I would have stuck with Kluber (though the last 2 balls were hit pretty hard).

Over the past 3.5 years our bullpen has spoiled us so damn silly, it’s not funny.

Get out of this Joe…



Way to go Jackson!


radio’s right: this has been one hell of a game. But we’d better win it.

Droobs, just get a single.

Bah. Rage Time it is.

The ninth inning.

Pretty excited that Perez doesn’t have to Cabrera/Prince/Martinez. But this will be stressful enough.

Ok, so that’s the "let’s make this interesting" mistake.

I just wanted to believe.


Crap crap crap crap crap

my blood pressure can not handle this

Cody Allen warming up? Interesting

Why does he pitch 3 nights in a row?


oh god

Not cool… I think I would probably go to Allen right now.

I think it’s reasonable for Tito to decide right now that Perez is not capable tonight — he’s been pitching a lot lately. Go get him.


No. No. No. No.


That did not just happen.

Where’s Angel Hernandez when we need him? Crap.

And there goes the game

devastated, just devastated man. i also really hurt my hand slamming the wall

Damnit Perez! WTF!

This team has bounced back every time they’ve been given a body blow. Eight-game losing streak? They bounce back. Detroit comes in and takes three of four? They bounce back. But tonight, this feels like the one from which it will be harder to get off the mat. And yet I think we will.

I don’t think it dooms the series but damn what a punch to the gut.

I am so frustrated…I don’t even have the words to describe it.

Pretty remarkable that Cabrera is going to bat in this inning.

You misspelled devastating.

Well that’s interesting.

it hurts so much because we played a [redacted] sensational game of baseball.

My dad just texted "perez trying to ruin my 40th anniv."

And my wife wonders why I follow the indians.


Here, Ryan… wrote the recap for ya:

"I can very easily see a scenario in a couple of months where we’re talking about our starting rotation as a strength.’’ –CA

The aftermath.

I left to go to dinner with my dad and brother. Normally I would make a joke about how "oh, I take responsibility for this one, guys", but no one is in a joking mood right now.

I’m pissed. I’m furious. I’m ready to just quit watching baseball. But, as mentioned above, we’ll just take 3 of 4. No one said being a Cleveland fan was easy. Time for both the team and the fans to bear down and get ready to kick some serious Tiger ass tomorrow. This team has what it takes. It is really hard for anyone to believe that right now, but I think they can still do it.

Let’s get some rest and tomorrow get a goddamn win.

Let’s Go Tribe.

Eh, I figured game 2 against Verlander is our best chance in the series, and Salazar’s game has a good chance to be in our favor as well.

The other thing of note is that we miss their worst starter, while they miss our 2/3 starter (however you want to slot Kazmir and Kluber). Still a chance at a split, which is pretty vanilla, but keeps the playoff hopes alive.

Awful game. On the plus side, this recap was full of brevity and clarity.

I don’t typically like to singlehandedly blame a loss on the closer, but i will: This loss is 1000% percent on Chris Perez

I think there is a fair point to be made that upon observing that Perez did not "have it" that Francona should have pulled him. Somewhat surprising that neither Francona nor Calloway went out to the mound to talk to him either.

The offense scored just two runs, they aren’t blame free.

Eh, eat your Wheaties, or whatever you want to say about the offense just missing a bunch more runs.

And not just in this game, but the previous two as well, where we were forced to pitch our closer – who’s been lights out – twice against one of the worst teams in baseball. Score a couple more runs and give him a day off yesterday, this one probably goes down 2-0. Still could’ve if Prince hadn’t gotten lucky on that BABIP double.

by CU Adam on Aug 5, 2013 | 11:34 PM

It’s weird. Perez has been pretty awesome this year in general. He’d give up 13 hits and 2 ER in the 19 innings he’s pitched since his return.

The two meltdowns he’s had have been very demoralizing and unforgettable though.

Such is the life of a closer.

by justin.rusnak on Aug 5, 2013 | 10:38 PM

Will be a good test to see how the team bounces back with three more games in the series.

Frustrating, but no reason to let the game arc overwhelm.

Chris Perez had just about dug his way back to positive fWAR before tonight. He better relearn how to strike people out or he’s not going to keep his closer job long. I don’t buy him as a pinpoint control/ground ball guy.

So, um, who is pitching for the Indians tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday? I really like their chances in all three.

This one was absolutely heartbreaking. Time to dust off, refocus, and kick some Detroit ass tomorrow.

As Gimli would say: "That still only counts as one!", even though it feels like we just lost the division. Still plenty of baseball to turn it around though.

To quote Scott Raab: Perez is a moron. A s***heel. Also a decent closer who blew a huge save.

And he’s right, of course. Blown saves happen — this is a particularly bad time for one, but Perez has, as many have noted over the last week, been the bullpen’s savior for the last several months.

Masterson is our rock, and tomorrow is a very big start for him. A win gets the tribe back on track. So let’s get it.

We will end up splitting this series, I am certain. As Evan noted in the GT, we’ve been struck down like this before numerous times and always, always bounced back. That said, I think our best chance is the WC. Then the Tigers shall receive their final comeuppance in the ALDS.

Nice to see the amount of comments tonight. Good turn-out people. Let’s do it again tomorrow.

by PyroKinesis on Aug 5, 2013 | 10:58 PM