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Cleveland Indians podcast: Tribe/Twins, the AL playoff races, and more

AL playoffs races, Danny Salazar, Joe Mauer, Carlos Santana, the AL Central's top prospects and more...

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This week's guest on Let's Talk Tribe is Mike Bates, designated columnist at SBNation, co-founder of The Platoon Advantage, belle of the ball at Notgraphs, and probably involved somehow at whatever other outlets you've been getting your baseball from. He's a busy man, but was good enough to take time from his schedule to talk with me.

Topics include the American League playoff picture, the surprising success of the Indians' starting rotation (and the excitement a pitcher with Danny Salazar's stuff brings to a fan base), whether Joe Mauer and Carlos Santana should continue to catch or move to other positions, and the future of the AL Central.

The audio is embedded below and can also be found at Let's Go Tribe's Blog Talk Radio page, and also at iTunes, where you can subscribe and then listen at your leisure.

Here you go: