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MLB: Cleveland Indians News & Notes 8/22/13

Acrobatic first pitches, Joe Mauer's future and Terry Francona's secret weapon and Josh Donaldson, MVP.

Mike Aviles with the insurance run
Mike Aviles with the insurance run
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Swisher homers, Justin Masterson deals as Cleveland Indians sweep Angels, 3-1 | - Plain Dealer recap

Scott Miller - Indians 'adore' the 'incredible' Jason Giambi - Terry Francona's "secret weapon"

Daily Notes: Facts Regarding Danny Salazar After 23 Innings | FanGraphs Baseball - ICYMI yesterday.

How do the Rays succeed with such young teams? | : Howard Megdal Article - The Tampa Bay Rays are once again among the best teams in the AL. They say it's at least in part because they feel comfortable, thanks to the team's "Be yourself" mantra. Does that explain why so many young players find success there?

Are the Mariners a year away from real success? | : Marc Normandin Article - The Mariners have reportedly signed their GM, Jack Zduriencik, to a one-year extension. Is one year enough time for Seattle to find success? Given the strides some of their young players have made this season, that's actually a possibility.

There's no real logic to Ryan Dempster's "suspension." | : Will Leitch Article - See! I'm not the only one who thinks that there isn't much rhyme or reason to MLB disciplinary policy.

LeBron James Leaves New York Yankees Cap at Home When He Goes to Marlins Game | Cleveland Leader - Now sporting the hatless look like JFK.

Scallywag and Vagabond | South Korean actress, Tae-Mi dazzles with acrobatic pitch. - With an LGFT Chris Seddon namedrop!

Minnesota Twins: Joe Mauer rests as his future is debated - - DETROIT -- Joe Mauer's ears must have been burning Wednesday evening. As the Twins catcher started his seven-day concussion stay in his hotel, his future behind the plate dominated pregame talk at Comerica Park.

Josh Donaldson is the American League's MVP? This means WAR | - Former Faith Academy football and baseball star and Auburn catcher Josh Donaldson is the most valuable player in the American League right now, according to USA Today Sports' MVP Tracker.