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Cleveland Indians Sunday News and Notes: August 11, 2013

In today's Extravaganza: Carlos Carrasco, Scott Kazmir, Rocky Colavito, and Greg Maddux

Rocky Calavito threw out the first pitch before last night's game in celebration of his 80th birthday
Rocky Calavito threw out the first pitch before last night's game in celebration of his 80th birthday
Jason Miller

Last Night's Game

MLB Final Score/Recap: LA Angels 7, Cleveland Indians 2 - Let's Go Tribe

Error-prone Cleveland Indians fall to Angels, 7-2, for their sixth straight loss |

Los Angeles Angels at Cleveland Indians - August 10, 2013 | CLE Recap

Ubaldo Jimenez's start was the only thing decent about last night's game. Although if Ubaldo hadn't air-mailed that throw to first, he probably would have given up only one run and not three.

The offense had opportunities. They walked four times off C.J. Wilson, which meant they reached base 11 times in Wilson's 5.1 innings. And yet they only scored 2 runs. The 2-out hitting that had been a driving force behind so many Tribe victories earlier in the season hasn't been there this past week, and especially the past couple days.

And of course the defense was awful. The Indians committed four errors, with Asdrubal Cabrera's error in the eighth leading to the Angels' four-run inning. It's one thing to not be able to turn a double play, because in that case the assumption is that you get one out. But have an excellent chance to turn two and not record an out at all? That's where big innings come from.

Indians News

Indians give tired Kazmir's next start to Carrasco | News

Not very surprising for a couple of reasons. First, Kazmir is probably running on fumes now. He hasn't thrown a complete season's worth of starts since 2010, and he's never been an especially durable pitcher. And secondly, the Indians really need to figure out whether Carlos Carrasco can be a starting pitcher at the major-league level. And what better opportunity to put him back into the rotation than after his five-inning gem on Friday.

Anthony Castrovince: Cleveland's relationship with Rocky Colavito remains strong | News

Rocky Colavito talking baseball will be the best 16 minutes of your day |

In 1959 Rocky Colavito hit 42 home runs to lead the American League. He was 25 years old. In Spring Training the following season he was traded to the Detroit Tigers for Harvey Kuen, who was a good player in his own right, but he wasn't The Rock. I suppose you could justify making the trade (and in the video, Colavito says as much), but given what those who were there have told me, The Rock was much more than a fan favorite, and you wonder if the cynicism of Tribe fans has its root with that trade in 1960.

But give the Indians credit for bringing players like Colavito back, reaching out to Albert Belle, re-booting the Indians Hall of Fame and building Heritage Park. There's a gigantic hole in the history of the franchise that started essentially with the Colavito trade. Those who grew up in the 60s and 70s never saw Indians baseball as that big a deal, and their kids, who grew up in the 70s and 80s, didn't either. That's two generations' worth of bad baseball . So building that bridge to the past, whether it be to the 90s teams or even to the 50s clubs, is a very worthwhile endeavor.

AL Central News

Avisail Garcia's words for the day: patience and consistency - South Side Sox

When the White Sox dealt Alex Rios, that opened up a spot for Avisail Garcia, who was acquired in the Peavy deal in July.

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A look at James Shields' constantly-changing release point.

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Today's Classic Clip

Greg Maddux in Game 2 of the 1996 World Series. Watch and be amazed.