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MLB: Cleveland Indians News & Notes, 8/1/13 - A Win is Worth More than a Bug Up Your Nose

No trades? No problem. Katie Witham gets a bug up her nose, Hawk v Tom II, and deadline trade response.

I just want to sing!
I just want to sing!
Jason Miller

Hawk Harrelson vs Tom Hamilton Part II | July | 2013 - Last night's calls compared.

Bug flies up unlucky reporter’s nose during live interview | For The Win - Katie Witham realizes that the show must go on,

Tribe makes difficult decision to send Pestano down | News - Bastian's notes column.

Cleveland Indians GM Chris Antonetti's search for the right trade continues | - GM Chris Antonetti was looking for a second left-handed reliever right up until Wednesday's 4 p.m. trading deadline passed.

Lefty Marc Rzepczynski officially joins bullpen: Cleveland Indians Insider | -
"Unfortunately, I've taken Vinnie's spot,'' Zep said. "I've known Vinnie since before high school.'' Pestano and Rzepczynski grew up in California. "I actually faced him in Little League, and he hit me right in the back,'' Zep said. "He threw hard back then. Crushed me right in the kidney.''

RHP Josh Tomlin eager to return: Cleveland Indians Chatter | - Pitcher's recovery from Tommy John surgery progressing nicely. Also, he has good things to say about Clint Frazier.

Trades set stage as contenders ready for stretch run | News - The non-waiver Trade Deadline has passed, and the baseball landscape has been altered and we're left to make our initial assessments of this year's flurry of moves before waiting to see how they pan out.

MLB trade tracker: Complete list of deadline deals - MLB - Sporting News

National writers: Detroit Tigers did well in Jose Iglesias trade | Detroit Free Press | - Here's a roundup of opinions from around the Internet about the Detroit Tigers' trade for Boston Red Sox shortstop Jose Iglesias on Tuesday night:

Do deadline deals make sense for non-contenders hoping for quick impact? - MLB - Sporting News
Article looking at recent sellers and how they have fared in subsequent years.